Some things between husband and wife can only be ruined in my heart, can't be said

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Some things between husband and wife can only be ruined in my heart, can't be said

2018-11-19 00:25:06 123 ℃

Xiaohui is already a 35-year-old housewife. Her husband is a senior leader of a company. She is often at home, as if she is isolated from the outside world, so she often feels bored. I can only talk to my neighbors around me, and chat with some housewives who are similar to myself. Speaking a lot, Xiaohui also took out some of her husband’s private affairs.

Xiaohui’s husband used to be a man with a long history. After marrying Xiaohui, he put himself The previous love told Xiaohui, because they are both husband and wife, both sides will confess each other and express their understanding of the past, but never imagined that Xiaohui would casually say these things.

Get neighbors nearby I know, the so-called good things don't go out, bad things pass thousands of miles, everyone gave Xiaohui a nickname - big radish, which means teasing her husband is a big radish, this shouting out, everyone feels like a catchy mouth Slowly everyone talked about Xiaohui’s husband every time, a big radish called

until the husband came back on business trip, somehow there are many people calling him a big radish, even if it’s now When I touched one, I called my radish, and Xiaohui’s husband felt that there was no face. After learning the real situation, Xiaohui’s husband was furious with Xiaohui, and the two beaten a big fight

After you get married, remember to keep your loved one secret. Such as these

his predecessor

No matter how much or not, don’t talk about it, because if you have more, you think he is very frustrated, and the heart is a bit unwilling, just like the above The story is the same. Xiaohui told these neighbors to the neighbors. I thought they would understand themselves, but they were just a joke. They also passed the tenth and the tenth, but they were afraid that her husband didn’t know the same, so the husband and wife were secret. Things, still don't let others know.

2. Who is in the family?

The status determines the attitude of others in front of you, and if your position at home is higher than your husband, then you The husband’s friend will laugh at him. Even his wife can't manage it, and the typical wife is strict. Some women enjoy the fact that their husbands listen to themselves and often tell others. Then others will look at your husband with a different look, subconsciously think that he will not be a bag?

So we have to use the husband and wife, but not the previous single lifestyle. We need to consider more and more things, and more and more. One is not careful to say that he has missed his mouth, but he is ruined by his own life.