The president of the court in Qiangtang District went deep into the front line to supervise the poverty alleviation work.

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The president of the court in Qiangtang District went deep into the front line to supervise the poverty alleviation work.

2018-11-19 00:25:06 125 ℃

From November 17th to 18th, Huang Minkai, Party Secretary and Dean of the Qiantang District People's Court of Guigang City, used the weekend time to go deep into the front line, to Erlong Village, Shanbei Township, Qiangtang District. Lingling Township Daling Village, Muhe Village and other courts designated the help of the village to visit and supervise.

▲Dr. Huang Min Kai (third from right), Luo Hao Dean (fourth from right) at Erlong Village Committee

■ ■■■■

In Erlong Village, Dean Huang Min In detail, the current situation of poverty alleviation work was carried out, and the situation of assisting responsible persons to visit the village was discussed. The situation of the establishment of the seven-member help cadres in the hospital was checked, and the problems discovered were guided.

▲Yellow Dean in Mutual Village

In the mutual village, Dean Huang Min opened the first secretary of the village and two resident villagers, and worked with the village branch secretary, village cadre and resident in the village. The responsible person had a conversation. Huang Minkai said that we must overcome difficulties, work hard to do a good job in precision poverty alleviation, and go all out to fight the hardships of poverty alleviation.

▲In the Daling Township Government

In the Daling Township Government, Dean Huang Min opened the relevant assistance materials for poverty alleviation and discussed the problems and difficulties in the current poverty alleviation work, and pointed out the current poverty alleviation work. The direction.

▲President Huang explained the poverty alleviation policy to poor households

Finally, Huang Minkai put forward three requirements for poverty alleviation: one must unify thinking. The police of the whole hospital are required to conscientiously implement the various instructions issued by the higher authorities and earnestly grasp the poverty alleviation work. The second is to ensure the accuracy of poverty alleviation. The police in the hospital must strictly follow the unified requirements of the establishment of the card, go deep into the farmer's home visit, understand the production and living conditions of the farmers, and check the data in detail, so that each household must go, not leak one person, fill the most real data into the file. In the card, the accuracy of the work of the establishment of the card is obviously improved. The third is to build confidence. The police in the hospital must establish a high sense of responsibility, sink the heart and stabilize the work of poverty alleviation. I believe that after the efforts of all police officers, the satisfaction of poor households will be significantly improved.



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