The sample value and enlightenment of "missed calls are punished"

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The sample value and enlightenment of "missed calls are punished"

2018-11-19 00:25:10 122 ℃

Recently, the punishment of a road bureau's poverty alleviation cadres in Quanjiao County, Anhui Province, caused an uproar on the Internet. The cause of the incident was that during the inspection of the superior, the cadre was bathed at home after work, and the inspection team dialed his phone four times without being connected. According to this, the local disciplinary committee gave the party Zhang Weiji a serious warning in the party on the grounds of giving the county “a serious adverse effect on poverty alleviation and hard work”. After the incident was exposed by the media, the county made an urgent study and withdrew the party's punishment for Zhang Wei on the grounds that the previous punishment was not accurate.

Dramatic rapid reversal is both common sense and common sense. It is reasonable that, according to the behavior of the parties and the second explanation of the dismissal of the county, it is sufficient to prove that Zhang Wei has no disciplinary action and that the punishment is revoked. What is unreasonable is that such a simple matter is the first time that the punishment given to the party’s serious warning was made. At the same time, if it is not the media's general involvement, the incident will be fermented quickly, and this punishment placed on Zhang Wei's head will not be revoked. It is an unknown number and there is great doubt.

Going back to the problem itself, the root of the disease is in two ways.

On the one hand, is the superior inspection method scientific? It is a big deal and a good thing to get rid of poverty. It is indeed necessary to supervise the implementation. But when you look at the information on the surface, you can check the phone in the distance. Can you really grasp the situation? Is there a necessary and simple logic between whether the phone is connected in time and whether it is working or not? These two issues are worth pondering. Not only that, but not only the poverty alleviation inspection, in fact, in the various inspections of various systems and departments, the same approach is not uncommon, and it is very common. It has also caused a lot of pressure on grassroots cadres. They are tired of coping with inspections all day, doing information, backing concepts, and how much time and energy is there to do specific practical work.

On the other hand, is there any responsibility for the unit being inspected? Is the right to use arbitrary? As far as things are concerned, if a phone call is not connected, it will have a serious impact on the work. This conclusion is obviously a bit arrogant, a bit sloppy, and somewhat self-willed. A lot of units are layered and pressured at the level. The inspection of a job is not done well. The whole year of work for a unit or a person can be completely negated. This is not a scientific and correct evaluation method and system. Regarding the inspection of the work effect, regardless of the reputation of the grassroots and the masses, only paying attention to the gold cup and silver cup of the superior, this is obviously not the correct view of political achievements. Any small mistakes in the big work can be put on the line, only responsible for the superior evaluation, not responsible for the grassroots and cadres. A little bit of a small problem, regardless of the three seven twenty-one, regardless of the unreasonable, as long as the sweep of the face, smashed the face, take the big stick of the policy system. It is hard to imagine that there is no serious party discipline for the internal party treatment of a department-level cadre, and there is no reasonable procedure. Once the mistakes have been made, the unit or leader who has previously taken the wrong handling opinion is also responsible for the job dereliction of duty. This is necessary, and it should not be just an understatement to revoke Zhang Wei’s punishment.

In fact, a phone call that is not connected will definitely not have a serious impact on poverty alleviation. However, a discretionary and arbitrary error handling decision, but instantaneously pushed a small county that was not known to the public to the cusp of national public opinion. For a county, what kind of negative network sensation has brought about the impact of the county work? Compared with a phone call that is not connected, it is impossible for local leaders to understand. Where the lesson is, it is worth pondering.

Text / Liu Changfeng