like! 20 smart bus stop signs in the city are put into use, waiting for the car to be positioned regularly... too convenient

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like! 20 smart bus stop signs in the city are put into use, waiting for the car to be positioned regularly... too convenient

2018-11-19 10:25:00 100 ℃

Suizhou Netizen "Little Potato" Posting:

Through the Holy Palace Hotel, see the bus stop sign replaced with a new one

There is an animation, the electronic bar above can Display time

Can also show what car still has a few stops to

It’s much more convenient to take a car later, don’t wait in vain, great!


20 smart bus stops in the city are in use

How long does the bus have to stop, and you will know when you look at the electronic display. On November 13th, 20 intelligent bus stop signs in the downtown area of ​​Suizhou were put into use. Not only can the station name be reported, but also the progress of the bus can be checked. The public can also know the number of cars.

The site is electronically and intelligently divided into time displays. , public service advertising, public transportation information and other modules. Information such as bus lines, arrival information, and distance from the station will be displayed on the electronic screen in real time. At the same time, video public service advertisements such as socialist core values ​​will be played repeatedly. After verification, the display on the stop sign is consistent with the bus travel information of the voice broadcast.

The person in charge of the municipal bus company introduced that the smart station shared the GPS data of the vehicle and can accurately provide the real-time arrival information of the vehicle. At the same time, the new intelligent bus station can also realize 360-degree video monitoring of the platform to ensure the safety of passengers. It can also analyze the passenger flow and provide it to the background dispatchers to increase or decrease the vehicle at any time.

The first batch of intelligent stop signs are mainly concentrated in Jiefang Road, Shujing Avenue and Lieshan Avenue, involving 10, 12 and 13 roads. Ms. Li said that the improvement of the stop sign is more humane, especially for the elderly or those with poor eyesight. At the same time, it also changed the image of the bus stop before the mess, which is conducive to enhancing the image of the city.

In recent years, the city bus company has continuously improved the level of public transport services, and has built a video surveillance system for operating vehicles, an automatic reporting system, and a GPS intelligent dispatching system. It has also implemented bus IC cards with more than 200 cities across the country. Interoperability. In May of this year, the city launched a mobile bus APP travel inquiry system to facilitate public enquiries and accurate travel. In the next step, we will increase the construction of intelligent electronic stop signs and put into operation online mobile payment to provide citizens with more convenient and richer bus travel services. (Source: Suizhou News Integrated Broadcast)

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@suizhou Daxie Slope: Like

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@Jamm: It’s so convenient, it’s so good

@冰西瓜: I am a big follower It’s too big, and I’ve finally changed to a bus stop sign, I hope I can use it.

@打豆豆:Convenient facilities, like it

With the use of smart bus stop signs

Our travel will be more convenient

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