Sanitation workers were hit by multiple fractures. Sanitation company: We are not responsible for this matter.

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Sanitation workers were hit by multiple fractures. Sanitation company: We are not responsible for this matter.

2018-11-19 10:25:01 206 ℃

The victim of the incident was Zhu Ayi. During the incident, the sanitation worker Zhu Ayi cleaned the cleaning work on the road she was responsible for, and was injured by a car when she went to push the sanitation vehicle. Aunt Zhu is more seriously injured. She is lying on the road and does not dare to look forward. She can only call the police and emergency calls.

Because the emergency center is on site It was checked that Zhu Ayi’s injury was more serious. Only during the treatment process, Zhu Ayi’s clothes were cut through scissors to carry out further ambulance, and the clothes were bloody. At present, the driver has been detained. Aunt Zhu has been treated in the hospital for more than 20 days. The attending physician said: At that time, the injured person was seriously injured, and the vehicle collision caused multiple fractures. Because Aunt Zhu is an accidental injury at work, it can be judged as a work-related injury in the labor. However, the sanitation company where Zhu Ayi is located has not appeared, and no one has come to the hospital to visit Zhu Ayi. The medical expenses are paid by the family. Now it has already spent 30,000 or 40,000.

The reporter came to Zhu Ayi's sanitation company and contacted the company's staff to understand the matter. The staff said: Because the anecdote in this incident is a car driver, if she is stumbling at work, we all have insurance companies, and this must be compensated. However, this accident has the perpetrators, so our company is not responsible for this matter. When the reporter mentioned why the company did not arrange for people to visit, the company staff tempered slightly, calling "we are off work." Then went into the company office building and refused to accept the reporter's interview coordination.

The lawyer said that in the case of Zhu Ayi, you can get double compensation for work-related injuries, one for the perpetrators is the company, and the company refuses to give Certain condolences, this is obviously a manifestation of shirking responsibility. When the party has not paid for medical treatment, the company should pay Zhu Ayi’s medical expenses and other losses.

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