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Official announcement!

2018-11-19 10:25:08 139 ℃



Start today

Everyone must lock

Tianjin Traffic Radio (FM106.8) broadcast broadcast Program


Special sound

Bycast on the air

Start today

"Museum of the Museum - I speak for the National Treasure" event

Enter the broadcast voting stage

Tianjin Traffic Radio will select the stage of the sea

< p>All children recorded audio

Broadcast on the broadcast

You can vote for your favorite kids p>

Theft will eventually screen 10 children

to be selected by Tianjin Traffic Radio

Sound for National TreasureNational Treasure Talkers

Let’s take a look at last week’s

Sea elections in Tianhe City

Last Weekend

Traffic Broadcasting at Tianhe City Shopping Center Build

"I speak for the National Treasure" The atmosphere in the studio is active

Traffic broadcast host Chen Ge with the players and parents

The pre-registration children under the guidance of the traffic broadcast host

Record related audio

Promote cultural knowledge and visit etiquette through your own voice

In addition to the event site The recording collection section

has also been set up

“I am the national treasure vocal” final 10 cultural relics exhibition board

Illustrated cultural relics and legendary story


In order to make the audience

more intuitive and in-depth understanding Related knowledge

Tianjin Museum staff

Set up a hands-on participation

Let everyone experience the process of cultural relics

Let everyone walk into the museum to see more artifacts

See here

Is it very curious

This Days into the audition scene kids

at the scene say what?

Friendly Tip: There are more participating players. You can find the [Search Page Content] by clicking on the top right corner of the voting page. Tools, you can quickly find the name you want to vote on.

Weather Tips: Today's weather conditions StatusIt’s cloudy, highest Warm 12°C, minimum temperature 3°C, north wind 3-4 breeze.

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