MMP money is cheated again! WeChat voice clone scam, and then pretend to be my dad!

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MMP money is cheated again! WeChat voice clone scam, and then pretend to be my dad!

2018-11-19 10:25:09 232 ℃

Speaking of liar, I believe that the friends are very hateful, because the scammers use our trust to secretly defraud our small money. And after the scam is over, the deceived little partner is a sigh of anger, but there is no way to take a liar. Hey, there is no way we can only improve our anti-fraud awareness and be deceived.

Recently, the new cyber scam has been screened again. This time, the use of WeChat voice to pretend to be a real person, the possibility of being cheated by a small partner who has not noticed has greatly increased. The specific operation is to steal the micro-signal through the Trojan horse program, and then use the powerful clone WeChat software to clone a WeChat. The cloned WeChat can not only see the previous chat record, but also simulate the tone of the common language and forward the voice message. .

The online fraud experience was that Ms. Dong received her father’s WeChat message saying that she did not bring money in the supermarket to buy things, first use WeChat to buy two hundred. Ms. Dong was more cautious and asked “Dad, is that you?” and then received the father’s voice message “It’s Me”. After confirming the voice of his father, Ms. Dong only transferred two hundred yuan in the past. The result, the friends must have guessed.

唉, really convinced! It seems that I can't see the real person not calling the real person to confirm the identity. It seems that any way can be deceived. This time, the trick is to use the trust of the friends. After all, everyone thinks that only the person can send voice messages, plus the small money will not care too much about the details. Finally, being deceived is really very angry. Because this cloned WeChat language scam is still very easy to be fooled, so the friends must keep their minds.

Before I heard some small friends said that someone pretending to send a text message to their parents said that they accidentally let others get pregnant. It takes a lot of money to have abortion, and the parents’ parents actually turned over the liar. I used to think that these things sounded far away from us. The average person would not be so easily deceived. It was only when I really happened to myself and my friends that I realized that I was not able to find such a simple trick.

The scammers are often using the psychology of the little friends, the three-point real seven-point fiction, not all are fake; plus because the small money, the little friends are more casual will ignore some In the end, I was deceived. When I found out, I realized it suddenly, and the liar had already escaped.

Because it is the Internet age, the little friends are surfing the web every day, so the number of scammers and tricks Endless. Coupled with the fact that it is more difficult to distinguish the true and false things on the Internet, so the small partners are still careful about the safety of their own small money. Don't let things like WeChat clones happen to yourself.