The woman was asked by the police to go to the urine test, saying that there is a history of drug abuse? Woman: My cousin is my name!

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The woman was asked by the police to go to the urine test, saying that there is a history of drug abuse? Woman: My cousin is my name!

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Guide: The woman was asked by the police to go to the urine test, saying that there is a history of drug abuse? Woman: My cousin is my name!

Ms. Ann of Hangzhou said that she had received a phone call, and then the other party claimed to be a policeman. She suspected that Ms. An had a drug abuse record and asked her to do a urine test in the past. Ms. Ann felt incredible. What the hell is going on here, let's look at it

Ms. Ann said that she is from Pingyang, Wenzhou. She has been working in Hangzhou for 5 years, and Ms. An’s experience has to start from a phone call. According to Ms. An, she is an innocent person. Then the police treated her as a drug addict, so it has caused a great insult to her life. It is understood that this call was sent by the police station in Hangzhou

Ms. Ann said that after the call came over, the other party requested that the person in charge of drug use received After the call, I went to the police station to investigate. The police said that they jumped out of their computer, but Ms. An said that she has been in Hangzhou for five years, and she has never seen this kind of situation. Suddenly, it was inexplicable to receive such a call. At that time, I was completely paralyzed.

Ms. Ann said that she did not have any drug use before, but this time Hangzhou left the police station to let him check in the past, presumably there must be some misunderstanding, so the other party forced themselves to go After sending out a urine test and then taking a photo, I feel like a drug addict. Ms. An said that this has hurt her life.

Ms. An said that she had encountered drug abuse at the time of her marriage certificate in her hometown in 2003, but she also reported this situation with the local police station. It turned out to be a cousin of her own, and then she became her own identity. She is a real drug addict. She just wants to escape this labor education, so she reported the name of Ms. An.

Ms. Ann said that she had applied to the police station for withdrawal at that time, and 15 years later, she left the police station and asked her to do a urine test, so she felt that it was related to the former cousin posing as her name. Ms. Ann said that she Very angry, clear and white, actually hang a history of drug abuse, then Ms. An came to the police station

The police first stated that in the internal police system, Ms. An belongs to the pre-drug personnel, so according to the control requirements, they must carry out relevant checks on Ms. An. After the police said that the inspection, Ms. An’s situation is normal, so they also carry out A feedback, about Ms. An's reflection of this identity information, may be used by others, and the feedback is also marked

The police said that if the use of the name is true, it is recommended to go back to Wenzhou to request the relevant unit to handle the case to cancel or change the case. However, changing or revoking a case is a very long process. It is impossible to say that it will be completed very quickly. During this period, you can apply for a certificate from the public security organ. Then, when the public security organ checks it, you can show proof. Ms. An said that she would Go to Wenzhou as soon as possible to handle this matter

About this matter, Xiaobian wants to say that we are in peacetime. Be sure to keep your personally identifiable information, don't give it to others easily, especially those who have a criminal record, and if we find these situations, we must contact the local police station for the first time and ask the other party to withdraw. The case is to change this information

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