In the raging winds, women jumped into the sea! Four policemen from Yantai go to the sea to save people

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In the raging winds, women jumped into the sea! Four policemen from Yantai go to the sea to save people

2018-12-05 00:25:29 72 ℃ Yantai December 5th In the past two days, all parts of Shandong have been affected by the cold wave, and the temperature has dropped drastically. In such a trembling weather, someone walked into the cold water. The cold wind whistling, the waves rolling, the situation on the scene is very dangerous.

At 10 am on December 3, a light-skinned woman walked into the Qinfeng Cliff Scenic Spot in Yangmao, Yantai, Yantai. In the icy waters.

The high police station of the Yangmao border police station of the Yanping Municipal Public Security Bureau, said: "When we arrived at the scene, the fog was relatively large. We could not identify the woman. According to the tourists, the woman had already arrived at me. The position behind the reef of the finger, we immediately launched a search and rescue."

Fog and cold water is also anxious, the two police officers can not care so much, drowning water to the reef area.

Gao Donghui said: "When we searched about 30 meters from the shore, we finally found the woman. At that time, the sea was cold, close to zero, and the woman spent 20 minutes in the water. His face was pale, his body was stiff, and his condition was very critical."

The woman was already confused, and the police joined forces to lift her up. shore. After the rescue, the suicidal woman has been out of danger. Everyone found out that the policeman’s hands and legs were scratched by the reef.

Gao Donghui said: "When we carried the woman to the shore, the ambulance personnel had already arrived at the scene. We sent her to the ambulance."

It is understood that this name The woman had a squabble with her husband because of family chores, and she had a suicidal idea.

After editing: It is said that the bedside quarrel between the husband and wife and the life of the bed, and life is precious, how can you give up life easily because of a small dispute? As long as you live well, there is no hurdle to go. Such a cold day, such an urgent moment, I also thank the police for pulling the lady back from the line of life and death, to praise you!