Tianjin taxi price adjustment! The starting price is planned to be adjusted to 11 yuan! Also need to add a night surcharge?

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Tianjin taxi price adjustment! The starting price is planned to be adjusted to 11 yuan! Also need to add a night surcharge?

2018-12-06 10:25:13 66 ℃

Today Fox Fox arrives at the company

The rabbit hurriedly pulled me and said:

"Tianjin taxis have to be changed to $11

Additional charges at night?"

嚯~ Is this the situation of Shenma?

After many inquiries, this is true!

At present, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued an announcement to adjust the passenger transport taxi fare hearing in our city will be held on December 20th. . The main points of the freight rate adjustment hearing proposal are that the starting price of all types of vehicles (without distinguishing displacement) is uniformly adjusted to 3 kilometers and 11 yuan, and the freight rate per kilometer is uniformly adjusted to 2.2 yuan/km.

The taxi fare adjustment plan proposes to adopt a moderate improvement and unify the basic rent price standard, optimize the waiting fee and empty fees, additional nighttime surcharges, and call-up premiums to improve operational efficiency, service capabilities, and operational services Quality to promote sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

The fox fox helps you sum up, mainly because the following aspects will change, take out the small book to remember!

Basic Rental Price

1 yuan fuel After the surcharge is incorporated into the starting price , the starting price of each type of vehicle (without distinguishing displacement) is uniformly adjusted to 3 km 11 yuan, and the freight rate per km is adjusted to 2.2 Yuan/km, that is to say, the "+1 yuan" in the future, there will be no!

< Section>

Low speed waiting fee

After a passenger request for parking or due to road conditions, the speed is less than 12 km, and the every 5 minutes additional 1 km freight rate is adjusted to: Every 3 minutesAdd 1 km of car-kilometer freight rate.

Air cost


One-way passenger travels over 15 to 30 km, plus 20% for car-kilometer freight rates;

More than 30 km, the freight rate per kilometer will be increased by 50%;

The round-trip passengers (ie the starting point and the ending point within 2 km (inclusive)) will not be charged. Empty driving fee.

Night Driving Surcharge

Add a nighttime operation surcharge, night 23:00 (inclusive) to 5:00 pm (not included) when operating, car The kilometer shipping rate is subject to a 30% fee.

Calling Surcharge

< /section>

Adding a Calling Surcharge means that the passengers call the car through the cruise and the mobile phone app. Initiated, the driver voluntarily responds, based on the success of the call, the specific standard implements the market adjustment price.

Remarks: Passing and crossing fees are borne by passengers.

Although we are now more and more people

I am used to taking a taxi with my mobile app

But sometimes taxis are not that expensive!

It’s more cost-effective for taxis at close range~

Add Sometimes I wait for the network to go to the car

It needs to be dispatched from 3 kilometers away

It’s a little inconvenient to wait for the waiting time!

In any case, the taxi industry is slowly optimizing

or giving a big compliment!

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