Guangzhou issued a cold yellow warning! A minimum of 7 ° C, instantly from short sleeves to down!

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Guangzhou issued a cold yellow warning! A minimum of 7 ° C, instantly from short sleeves to down!

2018-12-06 20:25:00 65 ℃

Little lamb this morning

It’s a bit dumb to open the weather forecast

“Cold air arrives today, please wear short sleeves when you go out”< /p>

? ? ? ? ?

But at 17:13 pm

Guangzhou cold yellow warning signal is in effect!

At 18:10, it is starting up

Guangzhou Meteorological Disaster (Cold) Level IV Emergency Response!

It seems that this cold air is coming!

Today's Guangzhou

Sunshine is so bright that it doesn't work

The highest temperature in some areas has also broken through 30°C...

(The lamb is distressed by the autumn pants I just bought...)

However, cold air may be late

but it will not be absent!

The strongest cold air since the second half of 2018

coming soon!

This cold air has three distinct characteristics

↓ ↓↓

first: one wave after another

first look at the following animation

blue is cold air, huge and continuous

Today, I continue to control my big Guangdong

This deep blue

shows that you should understand it?

Today (6th) morning cold air

has reached Shaoguan and Qingyuan in northern Guangdong

The stronger cold air arrives in northern Guangzhou in the evening!

Meet the Mid-South at night!


9-10 days cold air supplement

Guangzhou urban area on the morning of the 10th

will drop to the lowest 7°C since the fall of this year!

Second: Long time impact

Look at this weather trend

Today's temperature Start to decline slightly

Tomorrow (7th) temperature is obviously diving

Then it is getting colder every day!

The lowest temperature falls to single digits!

However, it is not over yet

11-12 days (that is, early next week)< /p>

Guangzhou still maintains a cold weather!

So before and after

It’s almost a week cold (or even longer)!

Guangzhou land winds start in the evening tonight

from north to south 4-5 gusts 6 (

Guangzhou port winds will increase to 6-8 levels on the 6th night

/> /p> Third: wet and cold! Wet and cold!

The most feared magic attack by Cantonese people

——The wetness is coming!

The careful sheep powder should have discovered the forecast highlights of the next few days from the above several maps


Starting tonight will turn into a continuous cold weather

The overall rhythm is like this: /p>

From the 6th, the first rain - cold

and then the rain on the 9th - wet!

This cold air is very strong

but not too much" "Frozen"

It's not too cold during the day (it can be short sleeves)

Even tomorrow, the temperature is not very low during the daytime

It’s just a little cold and cold

It’s just that on Saturday, the clothes have to be wrapped up...

The specific weather forecast is as follows:

This wave of cold The air seems quite "reliable"

After all, there are quite a few places in the country now

have already floated a small snowflake!

But today We are still wearing short sleeves

The weather in Guangdong is so fascinating...

A lot of netizens said: Please respect Guangdong for the winter!

The lamb just wants to say: Please respect the cold air in Guangdong!

Now Guangdong Take you through the spring, summer, autumn and winter!

Guangdong: Surprise! Not unexpected!

Is it excellent?

Blow a blow, ready to be covered~

Everybody’s down jacket, Let's take out the autumn pants.

Don't wait for the double 12, it's too late!

The heater, hot water bottle

are taken out to check, power on, standby~