Drooping 21 ° C! The first snow in Chongyi is coming.

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Drooping 21 ° C! The first snow in Chongyi is coming.

2018-12-06 20:25:00 61 ℃

Chongyi girls,

I want to find a "warm man" in Chongyi.

Because starting today,

Chongyi’s weather is going to do things again!

Two waves of cold air will be in Chongyi Ba Ping this week,


Climbing type cooling + rainfall + or "snowfall"!

Chongyi ushered in the first cold wave! Drop 21 ° C!

A super cool air will bring a big cooldown!

greatly cools down!

The temperature will fall below 3 degrees in a straight line,

I can see this wave in winter!

▲2017 Yangmingshan Snowscape

The maximum temperature dropped from today's 23°C to 2 °C!

After 21°C! ! !

Please prepare your down jacket!

Chongyi’s first cold air:

Tonight, tomorrow will be affected by cold air

Chongyi has one time

cooling, windy weather process

The average temperature drops by 4~7°C!

Chongyi second cold air:

8~10 days, our province has an obvious

cooling, gale, precipitation process

process cooling 8~12°C

Chongyi minimum temperature 2~3°C

If the first wave of cold air

brings damage to Chongyi, this is the case


The second wave is comparable


< Figure>

Double eleven trousers, down, cashmere, cotton coat

finally come in handy!

The wearing of long pants wears long pants!

The wearing pants are wearing pants! !

The cotton pants are worn with cotton pants! ! !

Chongyi’s first snow is coming? !

This time in the past

Chongyi has already been cold and cold mode

Open the phone today to see the weather

There was a discovery of Jiangxi on the weekend! under! snow! Now!

According to China Weather Network

This week, Nanchang will have sleet weather < /p>

Sleet! ! !

Clip the snow! ! snow! ! !

Chongyi will usher in the first snow!

However, due to long aging

, there is still a large uncertainty

< p>I don't know if it will really happen at the time

This is the first snow this winter

Chongyi people have an inexplicable expectation for snow

The next month

Wrap the little cotton jacket together, come on!


Editor/Maohua Jun Chen Wutao