good news! The regular treatment of such people should be improved

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good news! The regular treatment of such people should be improved

2018-12-06 20:25:09 64 ℃

According to the Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance (Order No. 586 of the State Council) and the Measures for the Implementation of the Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance in Jiangxi Province (Provincial Government Order No. 204), with the consent of the provincial people's government, the adjustment of work in 2018 Notification of matters relating to regular treatment such as disability allowance for disabled persons~

(1) In the administrative area of ​​this province, the disability allowance, dependent family pension and living care expenses have been paid before December 31, 2017. Work-injured persons or employees who die due to work are supported by relatives. According to the provisions of Article 35 of the Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance, after the injured workers reach the retirement age and apply for retirement, they will stop the disability allowance and enjoy the basic old-age insurance benefits in accordance with relevant state regulations.

(2) In accordance with the Interim Measures of the State Council on the Retirement and Resignation of Workers (Guo Fa [1978] No. 104), Article 1 (4) of the State Council handles early retirees due to work-related injuries (hereinafter referred to as work-related injuries) Early retirement staff).

(1) was identified as a disabled person of level 1-4, and the disability allowance was adjusted according to the following criteria: Disabled personnel increased by 147 yuan per person per month; secondary disabled persons increased by 139 yuan per month; third-grade disabled persons increased by 130 yuan per month; and fourth-grade disabled persons increased by 122 yuan per person per month.

(2) If the relatives of the workers who have died due to work have received pensions for their dependents, their spouses will increase by 65 yuan per person per month, and the other relatives will increase by 49 yuan per month. If there are multiple dependent relatives in the work and death, the increase in the pension for the dependent relatives shall not exceed 163 yuan/month.

(3) The disabled workers who are determined to be in need of life care are completely unable to take care of themselves according to their lives, most of them cannot take care of themselves, and the living part cannot take care of themselves in three grades. To the co-ordination area, the average monthly salary of employees in the previous year is 50%, 40% and 30%.

(4) According to the Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance, there shall be labor relations with the employer and enjoy the five-level and six-level disabled employees who are paid monthly by the employer for the disability allowance. The per capita monthly increase of 114 yuan, the sixth level of each person increased by 98 yuan per month to adjust the disability allowance, the required expenses are paid by the employer.

(5) For the retirees due to work-related injuries, the pension increase standard for 2018 is lower than the third-level disability allowance adjustment amount of 130 yuan, and the difference is made up to 130 yuan.



▍Source:Jiangxi People’s Society