Is it difficult for a wife in the countryside to be married, and a man who is not married in his 30s? Expert: Don't be afraid, there are 4 ways to do this.

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Is it difficult for a wife in the countryside to be married, and a man who is not married in his 30s? Expert: Don't be afraid, there are 4 ways to do this.

2018-12-07 00:25:21 58 ℃

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In recent years, the bachelor problem has become the most popular topic in public opinion. Even authoritative organizations have published data on the increase of bachelor in China in recent years. According to the author, After the opening of the second child, China’s birth rate did not rise as directly as experts predicted, but fell. It can also be seen that people’s willingness to have a second child is not high. If they follow this pattern, the bachelor crisis will Continue to face.

Now, in urban or rural areas, the proportion of males is 30 million more than that of females, while the number of males in rural areas is more than 2,000, of which half of them are after 80. After a small part of ninety-nine, I also stepped into the ranks of bachelors.

It can be seen from the above data that the problem of rural wife is difficult, especially those who have already Ten or so people have not found a suitable target yet, and parents often worry about this. So now the rural wife is so difficult, this part of the 30-year-old man who is not married should do it? Let's take a look at the advice of experts in the industry.

In response to the rural baton crisis, the state has also taken many measures before, such as suppressing bride price, establishing a blind date platform, and encouraging women to start a business in the countryside. However, after the implementation of these measures, the problem of bachelor in our country still cannot be alleviated. When experts in the industry discussed this topic, they also proposed four methods, as follows:

01 "Put the following son, find a second marriage girl"

As the saying goes, "Heroes don't have a wife", maybe there are many parents I will not let my son divorce the woman into the door, but now look at this situation, the second marriage is also a way, after all, the rural women now run to the city, and some do not intend to return to the rural life, if you still mind the second marriage For women, the chances of playing bachelor will be higher.

02 "Reducing the burden and suppressing the bride price"

Although the bride price is not the cause of the bachelor, in some rural areas, it is indeed because of the high price. There is no such thing as a wife, for example, a man’s family condition is not very good, because there is not so much money to pay for the bride price, and finally it is not married. Therefore, the issue of bride price also needs to be suppressed, which can also play a positive role.

03 "Improve myself and increase my wealth"

Now some People are more realistic. If it is because family conditions are not enough for a daughter-in-law, it is still necessary to make efforts to make money. Only by upgrading oneself and increasing wealth is a way out of bachelor.

04 "Don't be afraid, be a female niece"

Maybe a female niece will not agree with many male friends, if there are several sons at home Playing bachelor, flipping the door is also a way, you can also try.

For the four methods proposed by the experts, the author also thinks it is feasible, and the woman who is married is also possible, after all, Now paying attention to freedom of marriage, divorce is also a common thing. Don't mind if you think this is not desirable, then the only way is to work hard to make money. If you have a car and a house, you can't find a wife. For this, everyone How do you think? Welcome comment area comments. Text/Agriculture and Rural Affairs

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