Yuci: Another fast road north extension project, two-way six lanes! Spectacular! Look at it!

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Yuci: Another fast road north extension project, two-way six lanes! Spectacular! Look at it!

2018-12-07 00:25:21 181 ℃

This year, the city continued to improve the outer loop network, implemented the North Extension Project of Huancheng East Road, and pulled the big city framework to build a harmonious and orderly traffic environment.

The starting point of the North Extension Project of Huancheng East Road is located at the exit of Jinzhong North of Huancheng East Road, extending northward across the Taishang Expressway section and extending westward. It is about 260 meters east of the intersection of Zhongdu Road, the width of the red line is 60 meters, and the width of the green line is 90 meters. The road grade is expressway.

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Ren Lijun, Chief Engineer, No.1, North Extension Project, Huancheng East Road, City District

The first standard is east of the Middle East Road in the west, the current road construction The roadbed has been basically completed, and the main line bridge is now being laid 760 meters. After the completion of our first pile on September 14th, through the efforts, the main line bridge and the full line on November 8th. At present, the adjacent bridge deck pavement and Zara project are currently under construction. The next step is to complete the oil surface laying on December 15.

In one step, we are to increase human and material resources and better accomplish our work goals.

The starting point of the North Extension Project of Huancheng East Road in Jinzhong City is located at the exit of Jinzhong North of Huancheng East Road. The old expressway section connects to Huancheng East Road of Jinzhong City and extends westward to connect the east extension of Longcheng Street in Taiyuan City. This project serves as an important node connecting Taiyuan City and Jinzhong City to another fast-track, accelerating Jinzhong City and the province. The integration of the core metropolitan area of ​​Taiyuan City and the expansion of urban development space are of great significance.

The project started construction in May 2018, mainly including roads, bridges, drainage, electricity, greening, etc. The total length is 1759 meters, of which the main line bridge construction is 760 meters. It is a prestressed concrete cast-in-place continuous box girder with a total of 9 joints and 23 spans. The main engineering quantities are: 4400 tons of steel, 45,000 cubic meters of concrete, 120,000 scaffolding scaffolding. Cubic meters, 36,000 square meters of formwork; roads are mainly high-filled and deep-excavated. The whole line of road construction is collapsible loess, high fill and deep excavation, of which a total of 59,000 high-filled lime piles are treated. Roots, a total of 130,000 square meters, filling 590,000 cubic meters, excavation volume of 490,000 cubic meters.

During the construction process, due to the slow progress of demolition and land acquisition, the project department overcame the work surface. It can only be carried out locally, and it is difficult to cohere. Through adjustment procedures, interspersed construction, decomposition targets, and various breaks, construction is carried out in strict accordance with the "six hundred percent" environmental protection requirements, and the project quality and "fine beauty" activities and safety civilization are adhered to. Green construction activities ensure the smooth progress of all construction links.

In order to reach the final goal of the main line bridge on November 15, 2018, the project will be on September 29th. The 45th day of the "Defense and Difficulties to Ensure the Goals" was held to ensure that the main body of the bridge was completed at the mobilization meeting. The municipal engineering company manager, project manager, and labor service teams made statements and solemnly promised to ensure that the project completed the goal of the whole line on schedule. After 38 days of fighting day and night, the commitments of the mobilization meeting were successfully fulfilled, and the main project of the bridge was successfully completed 7 days in advance.

With the joy of victory in the main line bridge, the staff of the municipal engineering company will continue to follow the strategic actions of the group company "12368" The policy is to carry forward the spirit of the iron army of Shanxi Construction Engineering Group. With the tenet of "Quality First, Reputation First", we will concentrate on the mission and make the project of the North Extension of Huancheng East Road in Jinzhong City a quality product that the government can rest assured and the people are satisfied with. engineering.

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