Cool down! Is there any snow in the Chuanhe cover? Click here to see and you will know.

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Cool down! Is there any snow in the Chuanhe cover? Click here to see and you will know.

2018-12-07 20:25:13 147 ℃

Cooling down! Is there any snow in the Chuanhe cover?

In recent days, Chongqing is affected by cold air + rain, the lowest temperature is 3 ° C, Xiushan County is even more It is low, and many of the small partners have arguing over the topic of "wake up in the morning and will not snow", and entered the dream with great expectations.

When I woke up in the morning, there was a lot of freezing rain in the ground. It was like a cold "ice rain" on my face, and I felt cold when I went out.

The average elevation of the Chuanhe cover is around 1230. The temperature is a few degrees lower than the urban area.
After yesterday, some people said that the river was covered with snow, so let Xiaobian take you to see the real makeup of the Chuanhe cover.
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In fact, the Chuanhe cover did not snow, but it has already produced "Ling Hook".
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Ice can be seen everywhere in the trees, in the eaves, in the grass, and I believe I will see the scenery of the North again soon!

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"Big Snow" is the 21st solar term in the 24th solar terms of the lunar calendar, and the third solar term in winter, marking the midwinter The official beginning of the season; when the sun reaches the 255 degrees of the Yellow. "The seventy-two month set solution" said: "Big snow, November festival. The big, Sheng also. At this point, the snow is full of snow." Heavy snow means that the weather is colder, the possibility of snowfall is greater than when it is snowy It does not mean that the amount of snowfall must be very large, but today 2018/12/7 is the "big snow" solar terms, the snow is cold, I wish Jun Dong!

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The current state of the Chuanhe cover is mixed water, which will become a paste of ice water. When the temperature drops, it will solidify. Large ice cubes are prone to road icing. Tourists who want to cover the shoes should wear non-slip shoes. Friends who drive are also best to wear snow chains to prevent slipping out of control.

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