Today, "Big Snow", there are rains and snow in the high mountains of Jinyun! Shaking!

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Today, "Big Snow", there are rains and snow in the high mountains of Jinyun! Shaking!

2018-12-07 20:25:14 151 ℃

The last wave of cold air just ended, in addition to bringing some rain, it is not very cold, does it feel that the cold air is not so prestige. In fact, it is not not cold. It is not yet "frozen". Next, this cold air will bring Lishui into the "quick-freezing" mode.


There is a strong north now The cold air is moving eastward and southward. It is expected that this afternoon will affect the city in the evening. As a result, the cloud will have a more obvious cooling and precipitation process.


Affected by high-altitude troughs and low-level shear lines

Today's rainy weather today~Tomorrow

Influenced by the front area on Saturdays and Sundays

The rainy weather is maintained and the rain is slightly increased

The city has small to moderate rains

Northern high mountain areas There may be sleet or snow

Affected by cold air, the temperature will drop significantly

It is expected that the average temperature of the daytime cloud will be 7~9°C

< p>The lowest temperature in the morning of 8-9 is lower,

the majority of the urban area is 2~4°C, and the high mountain area is 0~3°C

Check if the temperature has started.

Rain and cool down together

This is the rhythm of entering the winter!

But tomorrow, we will be welcoming the "Big Snow" solar terms

Entering the snowy season, the wind is colder and warmer

Everyone needs to pay attention to the prevention of wind and cold evil

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that

The head and foot of the human body are most vulnerable to cold evils

This wave of cold air is also very suitable

It’s just a cold wind

Everyone’s Masks, scarves, and cotton coats

Whether are down jackets and cotton trousers ready?

Weather forecast for the next few days

7 (Friday ): There is light rain, some snow in the mountains at night; 5 ~ 9 ° C; 8 (Saturday): cloudy to moderate rain, high mountains with sleet or snow; 3 ~ 5 ° C; 9 (week Day): There is rain and rain, and there are sleet or snow in the mountains; 1~5°C; 10th (Monday): there is sometimes light rain in the shade; 4~9°C; 11th (Tuesday): cloudy and cloudy; 7~11°C ; 12th (Wednesday): cloudy; 2 ~ 9 ° C.

Eight reminders of eight sisters

1, the cold air intensity is strong, the temperature drop is large, and there may be sleet or snow in the high mountains. Please note.

2, the rain continued last Monday, the temperature was significantly lower than the previous period, the body feels damp and cold, everyone needs to pay attention to cold and warm.

3, Jinyun people trapped in the bed by the winter can look at the push on the eighth day~ Bamei gives you warmth!

▍ Source: 缙云星期八综合

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