A man in the foot bath shop stole a parcel in the foot bath shop and was still caught after throwing it.

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A man in the foot bath shop stole a parcel in the foot bath shop and was still caught after throwing it.

2018-12-07 20:25:18 139 ℃

Today, online shopping has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Online browsing, shop around, and payment orders, the next step is to wait for the courier package. We often have the courier put the parcel at the guard or other temporary storage point because of the temporary inconvenience, but have you ever thought that it would be safe to put the parcel in these places? There are always some people who will move your package to think carefully and come to the door.

November 8

The park branch received a report from the masses, and received a report from Wang Moumou It was said that the package placed at the express delivery point of the stairs of the hall of a certain foot bath shop was stolen. After receiving the police, the police immediately rushed to the scene to conduct an investigation on the scene. By checking the surveillance video, they found that a man in black clothes had a major suspicion. By asking the staff of the foot bath shop in detail, he learned that the suspect was a migrant worker. Residence and work. The police immediately conducted a visit to the floating population living in the newly built town and found that Zhou had a major suspicion.

On the morning of November 16, the police rushed to the workshop in the new town of Zhou to visit and investigate. And Zhou asked about it. At first, Zhou only admitted the fact of taking the parcel, but he insisted that the parcel be sent back the next day, but when the police asked Zhou to tell which courier, Zhou Moufu I, later changed the package in the dormitory. After the police patiently enlightened, Zhou finally truthfully explained his "hands-on" process.

The original Zhou was a guest of a certain foot bath shop. After finishing the foot bath, I went downstairs and saw a hall in the hall. The parcel, for a moment of greed, will steal the package when others don't pay attention. Halfway through the package, it turned out to be a woman's skin care product, and the package was discarded on the side of the road. Zhou did not expect that the result of "shunning the sheep" was to lose Wang XX by nearly 2,000 yuan, and was also detained by the administration. It was really a man and a man.

At present, Zhou has been administratively detained according to law.

The police reminded that as online shopping becomes more popular, more and more thieves To some temporary express collection points that are neglected. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, the temporary deposit point is best to take care of the collected courier. It is also recommended that conditional recipients choose to sign in person.