Hangzhou is snowing! Hey - don't let the northerners know!

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Hangzhou is snowing! Hey - don't let the northerners know!

2018-12-07 20:25:19 192 ℃

At 10:30 this morning, many small partners came to report

The main city of Hangzhou is really snowing!

Look, on the windshield, the thin snow!

@Zhejiang weather also "官宣"

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National netizens sent a congratulatory message

Today is the snow festival The five golden flower reporters of our Zhejiang-like red also took everyone to see the snow scene on Tianmu Mountain.

Yu Hang Trail First snow on the mountain temple

Let's see again< Br>

Anji’s Jiangnan Tianchi is now like this

More beautiful

This morning,

The Moganshan Dakeng Scenic Area also has Smog Wonders!

It’s just a fairyland...


In the morning, seeing the smog on Mogan Mountain, it seems that people have entered the white fairy tale world.

A big tree is frosted and hangs snow, and it becomes Yushuqiong overnight. Branches, a beautiful scene of thousands of trees and pears.

Get closer, These "crystals" hanging from the branches have different forms.

Seeing the first snow so excited? ? ?

The northerners said they didn’t understand,

Southerners said,

It’s possible!

After all,

There is now a business for the generation of snowmen

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The northern friend who smelled the opportunity immediately launched the quote list

There are a variety of additional services

After five dollars to give a three-second video?

The cool atmosphere of the northerners?

Or shoot yourself!

This is not the case. A large area of ​​early snow in Zhejiang is coming soon

Affected by strong cold air, the temperature in our province has dropped significantly since yesterday afternoon. Turning to snowfall, there was a northerly wind of 8-9 in the coastal sea.

The cold air continues to affect our province today and tomorrow. As the temperature drops further, the day after tomorrow, the northern part of Zhejiang will change from rain to sleet or snow, In some mountainous areas, there are also sleet or snow. The main snowfall occurs from tomorrow afternoon to the morning after tomorrow. There are medium to heavy snow in parts of northern Zhejiang and heavy snow in some mountainous areas.

The specific forecast is as follows:

Today: The province has light rain, and there are sleet or snow in the northwestern part of Zhejiang.

Tonight's night to tomorrow morning: There is sleet or snow in the northern part of Zhejiang, where part of the mountainous area of ​​northwestern Zhejiang is snowy; other areas have light rain.

Tomorrow afternoon to the day after tomorrow: there is sleet or snow in the northern part of Zhejiang, part of it to heavy snow, local blizzard in the northwest mountainous area; some parts of the mountainous area of ​​Zhejiang also have sleet or snow; other areas are small and cloudy To the rain.

After the afternoon to the night: the north of Zhejiang Province has smog and rain, and other areas have cloudy and rainy.

The minimum temperature of 8-9 days except for the coastal areas will be reduced to 0~3°C, and the northern mountainous area will be 0~-3°C. In addition, there will still be 8 to 10 northerly winds in the coastal waters of our province today and tomorrow. Today, the winds in parts of the inland areas of northern Zhejiang have 5 to 7 winds.

This time the cold air influence has a large temperature drop, in the northern part of Zhejiang Province, except for the coastal area, the snow is generally 1 to 3 cm, and the Huzhou, Hangzhou, and Shaoxing Ningbo mountainous areas have 4~ 7 cm, there are more than 10 cm of snow and roads frozen in the northwest mountainous areas. Please strengthen the prevention of traffic, agriculture, forestry and other related departments in the relevant areas.

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