Brother for the younger brother to study, take care of his mother, the younger brother sent him his house and the car, only to know that he was cheated for 13 years.

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Brother for the younger brother to study, take care of his mother, the younger brother sent him his house and the car, only to know that he was cheated for 13 years.

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Li Ying and Li Jun are twin brothers. The feelings of the younger brothers are very good. The brothers are also particularly sensible, not only do not fight each other, but also help their parents do housework, a family of four live a happy life.

But it’s not a long time, when the brothers read the first day. Their father actually drowned by falling down the bicycle, their mother could not accept this fact, and the grief was excessive, and the stroke was awkward in a few days. The family of four who were originally happy suddenly suffered such a big disaster.

The two brothers are very sensible, don’t cry or make trouble, and buried their father with the help of the villagers. Looking at the mother who was lying in bed, my brother said to his younger brother with tears: My brother, my father is gone, my mother is sick again, I stay at home to do farm work to earn money and take care of my mother, and you go back to school to study hard.

The younger brother cried and said: No, my brother, your grades are better than me. You can read it. You will read better than me. My brother said: My brother is obedient, I am older than you, just listen to me. The younger brother said: No, my brother, you go to read, I am as big as you. You go to read, I am stronger than you, earn money for you to read, you don't forget me later.

Brother said: We don't fight, let's let God decide. When the brother finished, he went to the tree and put the leaves in his hands. The two hands clasped tightly to the younger brother and said: Brother, choose one. Whoever chooses the hand with leaves will go to school.

The younger brother had to choose one of them, and after the brother opened his hand, a piece of leaves was in his hand. The younger brother had to go back to school, and my brother dropped out of school to do farm work at home and take care of her mother.

Before my parents planted a lot of food and vegetables, just the junior high school student’s brother started to harvest early. Although it was very hard, my brother got over his teeth. After turning food and food into money, he set aside the cost of living and the money for his younger brother. He became jealous. He knew that his brother would spend a lot of money in high school and college.

After returning from the holiday, my brother also helped his brother to do farm work, but his brother always refused to let him work hard. After a few years, my brother was admitted to a key university. My brother happily took out the deposit and handed it to the younger brother to pay the tuition.

The younger brother was red-eyed when he took the money, because he found that his brother, who is as big as him, is old and dark now. He secretly vowed in his heart that he must study hard and make a good start to let his brother and mother live a good life.

In the four years of his brother’s college education, every second counts, and he works harder than all his classmates. Because he knows that his brother has sacrificed a lot to give himself a chance to go to college. His grades are excellent. Before he graduated, there is a big company to sign him.

The younger brother worked harder after work. The younger brother won the boss’s likes and was promoted in half a year. After that, all the way up, no three years, it rose to the highest position. Because the business is doing well and the character is good, the boss knows him very often.

The boss also specially carried him, and soon opened a branch to give him full power and gave him a 50% stake. After the first year of dividends, the younger brother went to buy a big house and a luxury car for his brother.

My brother said: Brother, thank you for taking care of your mother for 13 years, thank you for paying for 13 years. These are all you deserve, and what will you have in the future? If I stayed at home that year, I would not be able to eat these hardships.

My brother took a tearful gift from his brother, and he choked and said: Brother, if I was studying, I must have been so successful. Therefore, my decision of the year was correct. Then, my brother said that he had leaves in both hands. No matter which hand his brother chose to go to study, the younger brother knew that he had been deceived by his brother for 13 years.

My brother is very touched, my brother is so great! You said: Is it a great luck for my brother to have such a good brother?

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