The temperature in the scenic spot continues to go low.

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The temperature in the scenic spot continues to go low.

2018-12-08 00:25:13 133 ℃

China Weather Network Guangxi Station News Today (8th), the impact of strong cold air continues, the temperature of the major scenic spots in the region further decline, accompanied by light rain or moderate rain. Please plan to go out to play with friends to prepare rain gear, add clothing, and pay attention to the impact of the road slippery. Friends who travel to the scenic spots in the northeastern mountains of Guangxi should also pay attention to the road traffic information on the roads and pay attention to driving safety.

Special Forecast for Scenic Spots:

Weather in the Scenic Area of ​​Guibei (Guilin Lijiang, Liuzhou Du Leyan, Rong'an Rongshui Miaojia Style, Xing'anling Canal, etc.): Today, light rain or light rain turns to moderate rain, and there are some sleet in the north. The northeast wind is 3 to 4, the lowest temperature is 0 to 5 °C, and the highest temperature is 4 to 8 °C.

Weather in the coastal sunshine area of ​​Guinan (Beihai Yintan, Dongxing Golden Beach, Weizhou Island, etc.): Today, the moderate temperature, the lowest temperature is 12 ~ 14 ° C, the highest temperature is 15 ~ 18 ° C. Beibu Gulf surface: Beibu Gulf surface: Today, light rain, northerly wind 6 level, gust 8; 9th, small to moderate rain, northerly wind 6 level, gust 7-8. Hepu to the typhoon warning station around the coast of Dongxing, the strong wind signal hanged on the No. 1 typhoon does not change.

The weather in the tourist area of ​​the southwestern Guangxi border (Pingxiang Friendship Pass, Dongxing, Jingxi Tongling Grand Canyon, Daxin Detian Waterfall, etc.): Today, light rain, northeast wind 3 to 4, minimum temperature 10 ~12 ° C, the highest temperature of 11 ~ 15 ° C.

Guixi Red, eco-tourism area weather (Baby Uprising Memorial Hall, Dawangling, Bama Changshou Township, etc.): Today, light rain, northeast wind 1 to 2, minimum temperature 4~12 °C, highest The temperature is 7 to 14 °C. (Editor: Xie Xiaolin)