[992 | Reminder] This morning, Shijiazhuang Zhonghua Street is frozen, and multiple car collisions are damaged! Some hit very badly...

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[992 | Reminder] This morning, Shijiazhuang Zhonghua Street is frozen, and multiple car collisions are damaged! Some hit very badly...

2018-12-08 00:25:13 158 ℃

In the past two days, our province has been continuously low-temperature, and the cold wave warning has been frequent. Today, we have ushered in the “big snow” solar terms. The temperature in many provinces in our province has dropped to the lowest value since winter, and the temperature is cold and cold. A lot of trouble.

This morning, many listeners reported to 992 through WeChat, near the Xuefu Road in the north and south of the provincial capital, the road was frozen, and many vehicles had accidents, and some vehicles were seriously damaged.

Subsequently, 992 emergency reporter Xie Qiong rushed to the scene. The icy road section is located in the north-south direction of Zhonghua Street in Shijiazhuang, close to the lower bridge of Xuefu Road, and the ice surface spans Zhonghua Street, with a depth of about ten meters.

Onsite The most serious damage was the arrival of a white Toyota, which was also the first to collide.

According to the owner of the car, Mr. Liang introduced this morning at around 6:20, when the day was still not bright, he drove through China. The street, about 80KM per hour, took the brakes when he saw the ice, but there was a car in front of him. His car slid forward for about thirty or fifty meters and slammed into the left side. The guardrail is seriously damaged.

Good for no injuries Mr. Liang said that according to his observation, five or six vehicles were damaged to varying degrees in this section. Some of them were like him, and they bumped into themselves. Some of them were paralyzed. After three cars were turned around in the same place, they immediately went away. According to his rough statistics, about 10 vehicles were affected by icing from the accident to about 9 am.

The following car is also passing through the icing section. The vehicle is out of control and hits the right side of the guardrail. After driving down the bridge, it calls the trailer.

Therefore, the damaged vehicles were all cleared.

At about 9:50 am, sanitation workers came to the scene and two workers began to throw snow melting agents on the road.

This morning, not only in China Street, the sewage pipe of Penghou Street, Shengli Street, the provincial capital, leaked, this morning, the low temperature road was frozen, two motor vehicles occurred Accidents and bicycle traffic are also very dangerous. Subsequently, the West Branch Traffic Police Brigade Control Center quickly dispatched police. After the Eighth Squadron police handled the accident, the auxiliary police Bu Baoqiang and Li Shijie found sand and other things to scatter on the ice to ensure the safety of the vehicle! At the same time, notify the sanitation and municipal departments to repair as soon as possible.

Also, this morning, There are also friends who have heard that the provincial capital city has also seen thin ice from the corner of Jiantong Street to the South Second Ring Road. Friends who often walk this section should be familiar with this. Most of the locations are water freezes from the vehicles that pull the aquatic products, and accidents will occur every year. Remind everyone that you should be very careful when you follow this section.

There are still some risks in the road sections. You can leave a message to remind you that the latest weather forecast shows that the cold weather in our province will continue in the next three days. Drivers and friends must pay attention to road icing when driving. The problem is to control the speed of the car; the old drivers are welcome to share the message if they have some safe driving experience in ice and snow.