Consular Protection Supports "Emerald Umbrella" for Chinese Citizens in Europe

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Consular Protection Supports "Emerald Umbrella" for Chinese Citizens in Europe

2018-12-17 00:25:05 130 ℃

Original title: Consular protection for the Chinese citizens of Europe to support the "Ping An Umbrella"

Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, December 15th Overview: Consular protection for the Chinese citizens of Europe Umbrella"

Xinhua News Agency reporter Pan Geping Zheng Jianghua

"In the middle of the night, I rushed to the airport to visit the detained compatriots, went to the hospital to visit the dying overseas Chinese, and helped the domestic helpers find missing relatives and friends. ......"

The phone is turned on 24 hours a day, all year round - this is the epitome of the daily work of Chinese consular officials. In recent years, the number of Chinese citizens who have come to Europe for tourism, business, study, and residence has increased. At the same time, due to the poor economic situation in Europe and the deterioration of the security environment, the number of Chinese citizens seeking help from Chinese embassies and consulates has been increasing due to various difficulties.

This year, the Chinese Embassy in Belgium handled more than 300 cases involving Chinese citizens, almost every day. Cao Zhongming, Chinese ambassador to Belgium, said that these new situations and new issues have placed higher demands on improving consular protection and assistance in working methods and improving services. The Embassy will provide more services in a timely manner: implement the unified domestic deployment, and launch measures such as “just one time” and “one-time notification”, etc.; implement a 24-hour insured telephone duty system, respond to Chinese citizens’ requests for help in the first time; The Chinese compatriots have opened a "green channel"...

Prevention is the best protection. At the same time of continuous improvement of services, in recent years, Chinese embassies and consulates in Europe have continuously strengthened prevention and early warning, accumulated some experience in mechanism construction, and supported a "safe umbrella" for Chinese citizens and institutions in Europe.

"The thief is in front of you!" "Those who claim to be 100% able to see the Aurora are sure to lie to you. Chasing the Aurora is like going to Mount Taishan to watch the sunrise, all by luck." To replace the preaching Finnish travel series consular protection animation short film with humor to land on airliners, online video platforms, insurance websites and clients. In addition, the “Guidelines for Chinese Citizens Travel Guide”, “Malta Travel ABC”, and other promotional materials for the consular post for the international students, including the consular post for the international students, A line of defense.

At the same time, the embassies and consulates regularly conduct safety inspections on Chinese-funded institutions and Chinese citizens' gathering areas, reminding Chinese companies in Europe to establish and improve emergency response mechanisms and strengthen safety training for employees.

In order to effectively cope with the increasing demand for consular protection in China, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Malta and other embassies and consulates have established a system of “recruiting volunteers”. Volunteer volunteers are mainly composed of representatives from the overseas Chinese community, international students and Chinese-funded enterprises. They take advantage of familiarity with local conditions and actively take the initiative to deal with emergencies. In September 2017, the volunteers played an important role in properly resolving more than 300 Chinese tourists stranded at the airport in Liege, Belgium.

The European Embassy and Consulate in Europe also strengthened coordination with relevant departments in the country and explored various linkage mechanisms. The Chinese Embassy in Italy has specifically strengthened coordination and cooperation with Italian police, tourism, medical care, ports and other institutions. At the end of October this year, the Embassy of the Embassy and the Rome Airport launched the emergency contact mechanism for Chinese passengers, and set up a special reminder zone for Chinese tourists at the Rome Airport to provide more guarantees for the smooth and safe travel of Chinese citizens.

Since May of this year, the Chinese Embassy in Poland has launched four “Consular Salon” activities, inviting Polish Deputy Minister of Finance, well-known law firm and accountant for the most prominent problems in Polish insurance. The experts from the General Administration of Police and the officials of the Frontier Defense Bureau gave special lectures and achieved good results.

For Chinese people living overseas, “having difficulty finding a consulate” has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, Chinese citizens are required to provide overseas consular protection and assistance, as well as to avoid waste of resources and manpower. For example, a girl who came to Malta for self-driving travel would not call for self-help and call the insurance for help. Relevant persons reminded that only citizens who have a full understanding of consular protection and assistance work can form a benign situation in which the people rationally seek help and the diplomatic institutions assist according to law. (Participating in reporters: Li Yizhi, Zhang Zhang, Li Jie, Yuan Yun, Guo Mingfang)