[992 | Concern] Sichuan Xingwen 5.7 earthquake has injured 16 people

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[992 | Concern] Sichuan Xingwen 5.7 earthquake has injured 16 people

2018-12-17 00:25:05 457 ℃

At 12:46 today, a magnitude 5.7 earthquake occurred in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, with a focal depth of 12 kilometers. When the earthquake occurred, the earthquake felt strong. In addition, Chengdu, Zigong and other places also have obvious earthquake. As of now, 16 people were slightly injured in the earthquake. The damage to the house is being further counted.

The earthquake has caused 16 people to be injured and there is a lot of shock.

A video from a shop in Xingwen County shows that after the earthquake, some of the goods fell and some bowls and plates fell into pieces.

In another resident’s home, the guardrail on the second floor was seriously damaged, but at that time people were evacuated in time. No injuries. Affected by the earthquake, there are different degrees of cracks on the road surface in many places.

In addition, when the earthquake occurred, Weinan and Dazu in western Chongqing There are obvious earthquakes in Rongchang, Lijiang and other places. Many residents' home chandeliers sway, and the water storage of fish tanks and water dispensers is obvious.

Emergency Management Department launches Level IV emergency response

The Emergency Management Department has launched the Level IV Emergency Response Mechanism; the Sichuan Earthquake Administration has initiated Level III Emergency Response. Response mechanism.

At 16:00, 20 officers and men of the Yibin detachment of the Yibin detachment of the armed police have arrived at the Longdong Village, Zhoujia Town, Xingwen County, the epicenter of the earthquake. Carrying professional rescue equipment such as iron shovel, iron shovel, rope, life detector, hydraulic clamp, and emergency food, etc., to carry out emergency rescue work such as housing disaster prevention, evacuation and transfer of people.

△Video for the armed police officers to remove danger when passing through Xingdi Road

At present, fire rescue workers from surrounding areas such as Chengdu, Deyang and Zigong have formed six earthquake rescue teams to rush to the epicenter.

Some passenger trains run late

In addition, when the earthquake occurred Some stations at the Chengdu-Kunming Railway, the Inner Six Railway, the Yi-Yu Railway (sub-branch railway), and the Cheng-Gui Railway (Chengdu-Leshan Section) have a sense of earthquake. In order to ensure safety, the railway department quickly launched an emergency plan, urgently blocked the line, detained the train on the way, and fully checked the line and equipment.

Affected by this, some passenger trains K853 and C6305 were operated late. By 15:20, the Chengdu-Kunming Railway and the Cheng-Gui Railway have resumed normal operation; the Yibin-Yibin South section of the Inner Six Railways has not been restored, and other areas have resumed normal operation.