Wake up! Are you doing the following 3 things? No one should deal with it as soon as possible to avoid loss

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Wake up! Are you doing the following 3 things? No one should deal with it as soon as possible to avoid loss

2018-12-17 00:25:14 136 ℃

When it comes to doing things, farmers often feel troubled. Let’s just ask for a certificate. In the past, rural ID cards only required ID cards and accounts, but now they can handle some documents. The process is cumbersome and proves many, sometimes it is a proof. Running back and forth in the department is not only a waste of time, but sometimes it is not good.

Although it is more troublesome to apply for documents, there are still some things that need farmers to handle as soon as possible. Today, the author should also remind the farmers. The following three things, have you done well? Those who have not handled it must hurry!

1, "Do you want to pay for urban and rural medical insurance?"Ten ten more Days, the first phase of medical insurance contributions will be over. Maybe some rural villages have more family members, some can't get so much money to pay for medical insurance, but medical insurance is the only medical security system in rural areas. Farmers should not ignore its importance. Sex, so the first phase of the payment work will also end, are you doing this now? If you don't pay, you must pay close attention.

2, "The land ownership is unclear, have you solved it?" Rural land is indeed The right to issue certificates is a measure to protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers' land. After the power is completed, the land in the hands of the farmers will also be registered in the network. The future ownership will also have clear boundaries and areas. After the farmers get the certificates, they can also enjoy the shares. In the process of confirming the power, some villagers have not yet confirmed their rights because of disputes over neighboring land. If farmers have such conditions, they should deal with them as soon as possible and confirm their rights as soon as possible.

3, "The account has a chance to move back, have you done it?" In the countryside, some people are studying or being soldiers. After moving out of the village, after graduating or retiring, the hukou also has the opportunity to move back to the countryside. If you do not have a good job now, and the hukou can move back to the rural areas, you must do it quickly. After all, the rural hukou can enjoy many welfare policies. For example, applying for a homestead to build a house, participating in land dividends, etc..., therefore, the account has the opportunity to move back. To turn into the handle, so as not to lose!

In addition to these three things to be handled, the author also shared a new message to the farmers, according to the latest news, Before the Spring Festival in 2019, the state will carry out a three-month special rectification campaign for counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas. The key inspections are small rural workshops, small shops, small stalls, and shops on the market or in the market. The goods are fake, three no, inferior or out of warranty food, so that the farmers can eat the meat during the Spring Festival and have a happy year.

The above are the three things that the author wants to remind the farmers to do and share the new news. What do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message and exchange in the comment area.