Donghai County Urban Management Bureau: Creating new highlights Creating a demonstration road

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Donghai County Urban Management Bureau: Creating new highlights Creating a demonstration road

2018-12-17 10:25:28 261 ℃
Market Information News December 17 (Duan Bangchun) The urban management bureau of Donghai County, Jiangsu Province will create a new bright spot and create a provincial demonstration road in the hope of benefiting the current, beneficial and long-term projects for the benefit of the people. Do a good job. In the specific creation work, the bureau will not be shaken by one hand, the management will not be relaxed, and the management will be equally important, so that the people can share the dividends brought by urban management and let the residents have more happiness in the environmental changes. . In particular, it has achieved remarkable results in the “double innovation” work. In order to further consolidate the achievements of “Double Creation”, the bureau has put pressure on it to make clear new ideas and create demonstrations.

Create new highlights and create a model road. In order to create a provincial-level urban management demonstration road and play a leading role in demonstration, the bureau has invested more than 5 million yuan since last year, and has made Hailing Road a provincial-level urban management demonstration road. Hailing Road is located in the central area of ​​the county. The whole journey is about 2.2 kilometers. There are nearly 300 commercial facades on both sides of the road, and nearly 50 residential quarters, units and schools. The Urban Management Bureau implemented the renovation and upgrading project according to the planning and design plan, and the total renovation of 63 buildings and 81,500 square meters, and 630 renovation shops, refreshing and replacing 3,197 square meters of rolling shutters, and uniformly setting up 2,776 square meters of air conditioners. Transfer 727 sets, replace 140 downpipes of PVC, 1090 meters, build a new transfer station, and place 690 garbage bins and fruit boxes. After the renovation of Hailing Road, the implementation of garbage collection on the door, the normal management of the city appearance, and the overall improvement of the image will become a new bright spot in the management of the East China Sea, laying the foundation for the establishment of a provincial-level city demonstration road.

Combine the combination and strictly manage the operation outside the store. Renovation of out-of-store operations and occupation of roads is not relaxed. On the basis of effective diversion, a “comprehensive ban” is imposed, which stipulates that all roads shall not be occupied by the roads, and no storefronts along the street shall be allowed to share the stalls. Strict investigation. While completely prohibiting the operation outside the store, the bureau also pays attention to the supporting facilities of the management services and the guidance of the vulnerable groups, and adopts a series of measures such as “building market resettlement, strengthening supporting resettlement, building a barbecue compound, and building large-scale diversion points”. Guide the flow of stalls to enter the market to regulate operations.

Donghai County Urban Management Bureau will implement long-term management and improve the quality of urban management while creating new highlights and creating demonstration roads. Starting from refinement, standardization, and long-term efficiency, we will highlight weak links, further strengthen urban management, and improve the level of urban refined management. Focus on the city appearance, non-motor vehicle parking order, outdoor advertising, advertising lighting, convenient daily service of convenience service facilities and convenience food city, clean cleaning and cleaning, sanitary garbage collection, sanitation facilities maintenance, illegal construction Inspection and management, comprehensive market and refined management of the square. Through refinement of work objectives and initiatives, we will further strengthen fine management, improve the level of refined management of cities, and provide guarantees for the creation of provincial-level urban management demonstration roads.