Cheap is not good quality! Turkey suffered a big loss, and it happened with the Korean high-speed rail. Now I think of China.

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Cheap is not good quality! Turkey suffered a big loss, and it happened with the Korean high-speed rail. Now I think of China.

2018-12-17 10:25:28 490 ℃

In the early hours of the morning, a train crash occurred in Turkey, killing 9 people and injuring 47. It is reported that the train was originally scheduled to go to Konya, but a collision accident occurred at the Ankara station and the locomotive responsible for inspecting the unified line railroads, resulting in derailment. At present, all high-speed rails departing from Ankara station in Turkey have been suspended, and investigations into rescue work and accidents are underway.

In 2003, Turkey began construction of a high-speed railway. The railway line of the accident belongs to the first As part of the first phase of the high-speed rail construction project, the first 10 high-speed trains were all manufactured by CAF, Spain, with a top speed of 250 km/h. The train that was accidentally produced was the HSR-350X jointly manufactured by Turkey and South Korea. 352.4km/h. Turkey did not believe that there was no good goods at the beginning. Choosing Korea as a partner was mainly because South Korea’s price was the cheapest, but now it has suffered a big loss.

In terms of high-speed rail technology, China, Japan, and Europe have formed a three-pronged situation. Almost occupied the world's high-speed rail market, the Turkish market can be said to be a lifeline for South Korea's high-speed rail. In order to seize this opportunity, the Koreans took over the business with extremely high preferential conditions. The HSR-350X is in this context. Product.

But the Korean high-speed rail technology is not mature enough, this car still relies on France. Technology, painstakingly developed for 6 years before delivery to Turkey. The occurrence of such an accident is also a heavy blow to South Korea. Turkey has always used price as a yardstick for high-speed rail construction. It was hoped that it would cooperate with South Korea to obtain French high-speed rail technology, but it has been slow.

In 2008, China and Turkey originally had a $280 billion high-speed rail construction order. However, after Germany issued the conditions for preferential loans, Turkey canceled the order. The cooperation method of “money” without quality is also one of the main reasons for the high-speed rail accident in Turkey. After all, the high-speed railway runs fast, the system is complex, but the quality is not good. It is easy to cause a safety accident, and there is no good goods at a low price. In the high-speed rail, it is real.

China has always been a world leader in high-speed rail technology, and high-speed rail construction in all plans As a key project, the state supports a broad market and stimulates the rapid development of China's high-speed rail. Long-term practice and strict management concepts have enabled China's high-speed railway to form a development mechanism with strict management, efficient operation and strict quality requirements. In this context, in addition to natural factors, China's high-speed rail has never had accidents caused by technology and management.

Although the cause of the Turkish high-speed rail accident has not been ascertained, it is described by eyewitnesses and According to the situation on the spot, the human factors are very large. The governor of Ankara Province also said: "This engineering vehicle should not be in such a position." Facts have proved that "cheap is not good", too much pursuit of cost-effectiveness, the Turkish high-speed rail technology is not closed, management is chaotic, it is certainly not accidental that such an accident occurs. After Turkey suffered a big loss, it can only think of China.

The second phase of the Turkish High Speed ​​Rail project was built by China, and the Ian High Speed ​​Rail from Turkey in 2014 It has been completed and opened to traffic, and has been running smoothly for more than 4 years. This line is also seen as the beginning of China's high-speed rail "going out". The accident will become the touchstone of China's high-speed rail technology. China's excellent high-speed rail technology will certainly be familiar to more and more countries.

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