Tears! After the police uniformed the suspect, he took out his mobile phone to know that his grandmother had gone.

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Tears! After the police uniformed the suspect, he took out his mobile phone to know that his grandmother had gone.

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On the morning of December 15th,

The food market in Weinan, Nanxi District, Yibin City, Sichuan Province,

A heartbreaking scene occurred:

When the anti-Ministrian police arrested the suspect,

the most painful death of his grandmother,

had more than a dozen calls at home to "report the funeral",

And he...

Fan Wei’s wife’s message

According to the Nanxi police, at 6:30 on the morning of the 15th, when many citizens were still lying in the warm bed, Fang Wei, a member of the Nanxi Public Security Plains Rebel Team, and his colleagues followed the arrangement of the "Winter Attack" action. The Weinan Shopping Mall in the jurisdiction of the area carries out the task of recuperating plain clothes.

After more than four hours in the crowd, Fang Wei is still highly focused on finding suspicious people.

When Fang Weiyue passed the market crossroads, he suddenly found out that a man in front seemed to take something from a lady’s clothes pocket and then turned and walked away.

Because the process is extremely short, and the distance between the top and the other side is far away, he is not very sure whether the man has stolen the woman’s property, and must not rush to “catch” the man.

Fang Wei captured the suspect

Unfortunately, Fang Wei had to squeeze into Next to the lady reminded: "Hello, please check if there is anything stolen (by)?" Fang Wei's voice fell, the lady turned and looked at him and left.

Fang Wei had to return immediately and continue to quietly track the suspicious man. During the tracking process, Fang Wei found that the other party quietly put on glasses and hats and carried out a simple "disguise". In this way, Fang Wei deepened doubts about men.

Sure enough, in a few minutes, the suspicious man sneaked close to a woman in a coat, quietly put metal pliers into his clothes pocket, clipped a mobile phone and quickly put it in his pocket, then loaded If you have nothing to do, you are ready to leave.

"The whole process, less than three seconds." Fang Wei recalled afterwards.

The suspected man certainly did not think that his every move has been seen by Fang Wei. Fang Wei worried about losing the suspect in the crowd, so he refused to wait for the support of his colleagues and quickly stepped forward to control the suspect.

The crime tools found in the suspect and the plagiarized mobile phone

nearby rumors The team members rushed to the scene very quickly. Fang Wei took out his mobile phone and prepared to report to the captain. However, he found that there were more than a dozen missed calls. WeChat popped up his wife's message: "Husband, grandma is gone, come back soon."

At that moment, Fang Wei was stunned, tears in his eyes...

The leaders of the Nanxi District Public Security Bureau immediately asked other personnel after they learned the situation within the working group. Quickly took over the suspect and ordered Fang Wei to go home immediately to eat the grandmother. Fang Wei said that Grandma hurts him the most and bids farewell to his grandmother in this way. He feels very sorry.

According to the suspect Xiao Moumou, he was sentenced to two years in the 1983 by the Nanxi County People’s Court for theft. He was later sentenced several times for theft. On March 28, 2018, the Nanxi District Court was sentenced to eight months for theft, and was not released until November 27.

At present, the suspect Xiao Moumou has been under criminal detention.

Source: Xinhua News Agency