Yichuan demolition of two illegal buildings on Zhenxing Road

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Yichuan demolition of two illegal buildings on Zhenxing Road

2018-12-17 20:25:02 289 ℃

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Yichuan News Recently, our county continued to attack hard and resolutely rectify illegal and illegal buildings. From December 14th to December 15th, our county organized the forces to dismantle the illegal buildings of the Jinxing Road and the illegal buildings in Kangxing Road.

It is understood that the illegal construction of the Jinlun Real Estate and the illegal construction of Kangmou have not been approved by the relevant departments, and the construction of residential buildings and comprehensive buildings on both sides of Zhenxing Road has been carried out without authorization. This behavior violates the Urban and Rural Planning of the People's Republic of China. Articles 40 and 64 of the Law stipulate that the county planning bureau shall serve the parties with a deadline for dismantling on June 13, September 12 and October 9, respectively. The illegal buildings were demolished according to law.

It is imperative to dismantle illegal buildings! After dismantling the scene, all member units strictly followed the division of responsibilities, immediately organized the personnel of the unit to enter the scene to carry out the clearance work, and also read the "Administrative Punishment Decision Book" on the spot. All member units perform their duties and work in an orderly manner in accordance with the established demolition plan.

In the near future, our county fully implemented the work requirements of governing the county according to law, and made heavy punches, zero tolerance, and firm maintenance on illegal buildings. The economic and social development of our county will safeguard the foundation of the county's legal system and safeguard the vital interests of the people. Strictly check the end, never tolerate, really let the offenders pay the price, raise the planning and construction of the county to the level of the legal system, raise the county to a new level according to law, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of a well-off society. (Inan, the whole media center)

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