Reminder: This picture is deleted in the phone!

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Reminder: This picture is deleted in the phone!

2018-12-17 20:25:06 205 ℃

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Is inseparable from the phone

If you accidentally steal your phone, please click on it

However, even more tragic is still stolen! brush! Now!

Not long ago, Qixia District, Nanjing Mr. Zhao found himself the phone was stolen, and Alipay WeChat was stolenly swiped, and immediately called the police. After the police investigation, it was discovered that the suspect Li found the dormitory on the road not closed, and the staff were all asleep, and they took the opportunity to steal the mobile phone.

Since the phone no password, Lee opened smoothly and there is Mr. Zhao in the album. Identity photo, it is convenient to use it to modify the Alipay account, brush away the balance 2000 yuan, also use the flower and loan overdraft shopping Finally, the mobile phone will be sold for profit 1000 yuan.

This case tells us

Be sure to lock the doors and windows when resting or leaving

and keep valuables

butmost HeavyToYes

Identity photo Personal privacy

Do not feel free to exist on your phone!

But... just knowing that is enough?

The suspect Wang is after the identity card of someone else

apply Handling credit cards

Catch by Nanjing Gulou police

There are more than one case!

The suspect Anmou had stolen the three-person ID card in the Internet cafe

and then ran into various crimes

Used identity to conduct accommodation, booking < /strong>etc.

Currently captured by Nanjing Pukou police

So, the police repeatedly stressed that /p>

If you find that your ID card is missing, report it immediately!

Sign off if you find your ID card lost!

Sign off if you find your ID card lost!

In addition to the ID card, these privacys should be kept safe!

Account password

Passwords are an important line of defense to protect your account. Once you tell others, it is equal to disclosing your account. Do not use the initial password at the same time, and do not use simple passwords. It is recommended to mix numbers, letters, capitalization, and special characters.

Mobile Verification Code

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Whether it’s a shopping site or a mobile app, it will send a verification code SMS for verification purposes, which can be more accurate and secure. If the verification code is disclosed to others, the security of the account will be lost.

Apple ID and Password

Apple ID is an all-in-one account that allows users to access Apple's various resources. Once leaked, the privacy and money in the phone are all dangerous.

Various Documents

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Express documents, take-out orders, train tickets, airline tickets, etc. usually contain personal information, which will be disclosed by lawless elements. use.


Sending your real-time location to a stranger is equivalent to disguising the information that you are not at home, and easily revealing your privacy and giving the criminals Can take the opportunity.

Copy of various documents

When providing copies of various documents, please indicate "This copy" in the area containing personal information. The pieces are only used for XX purposes, he uses invalid "and date, and timely recovery of documents and copies to prevent misappropriation by others.