The latest aerial road conditions in the earthquake zone! Sichuan transportation department is fully rushing to get through!

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The latest aerial road conditions in the earthquake zone! Sichuan transportation department is fully rushing to get through!

2018-12-17 20:25:10 180 ℃

At 12:46 on December 16th, Grade 5.7 occurred in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province (28.24 degrees north latitude, 104.95 degrees east longitude) The earthquake has a focal depth of 12 kilometers.

After the earthquake, in accordance with the instructions of the provincial leaders, Wang Yang, the secretary of the Party Committee and the director of the department, arranged for the first time to deploy, and the comrades in charge of the Highway Bureau of our department led the team. The Geological Experts and the Transportation Department Working Group composed of the staff of the Office of the Road Network Center rushed to the Xingwen earthquake-stricken area to guide local traffic to get through the work of Baotong.

Traffic road traffic conditions

Zhenqun The nearby Yixu and Yiyi expressways are in normal traffic, and the key expressway projects under construction have not been significantly affected by the earthquake.

The three main passages leading to the Zhoujia Town of Xingwen County in the epicenter: Xingwenjing Tongluoba to Zhoujia (X026, X014), Jixian County to Xingwen Zhoujia (X014), Xing Wenjing banyang to Zhoujia (X015, X014) were affected by the earthquake, and some sections of the road were flying stones, collapsed slopes, cracked roads, etc.

▲Shuanghe Town, Changning County to Zhoujia Town (Futou Village) The road conditions of the boulder at the megalithic site

S308 Hefei Road K122+151 The bridge on the left side of the Yibin shore of the Tianhe River Bridge slightly expanded, but did not affect the traffic.

In addition, after investigation by the transportation department of Yibin City and County, two new rural roads were found to be blocked:

1. The road from Dayun Village to Zhoujia in Fuxing Township, Changning County The road was smashed about 40 meters, and the road was broken, but there were detours at both ends to reach the nearby town. The local authorities have clearly clarified that the transportation department of the high slope will be rushed by the Ministry of Land and Resources.

2. The 2nd group of the village road of Zhoujia Town, Xingwen County (small place name: on the rock) was affected by the "12.16" earthquake. The collapse occurred more than 700 square meters, the roadbed collapsed and the road surface broke. There are large cracks in the mountain, and there are major safety hazards. The rescue personnel of Xingwen County Transportation Bureau, Sichuan Road and Bridge, and Yixu Expressway Company can't immediately rush through the on-site inspection. The expert group is required to submit a disposal plan after on-site investigation.

Road rush protection

Earth Afterwards, the transportation department of Yibin City and County immediately acted, initiated the plan, responded promptly, and timely organized personnel equipment to carry out road rushing and guarantor work, clearing the road surface and ensuring that rescue forces, equipment and materials arrived at the disaster relief site in time.

After the on-site reconnaissance of the Yibin Transportation Department, the main road leading to the epicenter can be ensured. In some rural roads, there were slopes collapsed and flying stones blocked. At present, the roads are being fully seized.

Road transportation
< From the perspective of safety, passenger vehicles that have been suspended from the ancient Song Dynasty of Xingwen County to Xianfeng, Zhoujia, Jiu Si and Yu Xiu have been suspended.

At the same time, Yibin City and County Transportation Management Department timely reserved 20 buses and 60 trucks for emergency transportation needs.

Today's traffic emergency work

I. Grab the rush to get through. Arrange for emergency equipment and personnel to work on the road to ensure that once a break occurs, it can be rushed and robbed.

Second, pay close attention to the investigation of disasters and nuclear disasters. In conjunction with the Ministry of Land and Resources, the main passages leading to the earthquake zone, especially the disaster sites along the line, will be checked to ensure safe passage.

Three, to ensure emergency transportation. Under the unified arrangements of the local party committee and government, the capacity will be provided in time to ensure the transfer of personnel and the transportation of emergency materials.

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Organized by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation

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