Women meet male netizens. After they have a relationship, they can’t call for a gift.

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Women meet male netizens. After they have a relationship, they can’t call for a gift.

2018-12-24 00:25:00 175 ℃

Source|Urban scene combined with Hubei News

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Recently, a woman reported to the police after she met the netizen and claimed that she was raped. However, after investigation by the police, she found that there was another hidden feeling behind her.

According to the alarm person Liu, she deliberately came to see the male netizen, and the ticket that the man bought. After arriving in the evening of the same day, I first had a meal with a netizen, then went to the hotel to open a room to rest, but I was raped.

After investigation, the police felt that things were not as simple as Liu said because they could not be found in the room. Any trace of fighting or resistance.

In order to find out the truth, the police immediately took the surveillance video inside the hotel.

The police station of the police station: the men and the women are together, and there is no coercion, two Individuals are completely voluntary.

The police also brought Ms. Liu to the hospital to extract relevant evidence and found Ding Mou according to the information provided by Ms. Liu. After learning about the situation, I learned that after the relationship between the two, Liu asked the man to buy her a ticket and some small gifts, but she was refused. After the dispute, the woman reported the police.

Ding is in his thirties, and she knows online with Ms. Liu in her twenties, and then meets Meet in Xiaogan. Since the two sides held each other's words, the police checked the relevant mobile phone chat records, hospital inspections and other relevant evidence, and finally verified that Liu was willing to have a relationship with Ding Mou, there is no rape.

Because Liu’s behavior as a fake police wasted public resources, the police imposed an administrative detention on Liu and imposed a fine.