The man was wearing a geeky suit and carrying 98k into the square dance team.

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The man was wearing a geeky suit and carrying 98k into the square dance team.

2018-12-24 00:25:00 381 ℃

Source|Urban scene combined with Nanjing News

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At about 8:30 on December 14th, a citizen of Nanjing reported that a man was wearing a strange costume and holding a long gun. He danced on the Peace Square in Shuiximen Street. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly arrived. on site.

The people who witnessed the police told the police that the man with the rifle was wearing a furry dress and wandering around the square. From time to time, the aiming action is also taken. When the pedestrian passes by, he will avoid it because of fear. After some searching, the police finally found the man in the corner of the square.

People: He is wearing a green auspicious suit and wearing a three-level suspected game. The helmet, still holding a 98K dancing there, is very exaggerated, and the people around it are far away.

The police immediately took the man to the police station, facing the police investigation, the man Zhang confessed, he is the head of the line, is a high imitation equipment of a popular gun battle game.

People's Police: After many inquiries, this person is a work of 98K small fungus skewer hot pot restaurant. Personnel, because they are entrusted by friends, put on this dress to dance and do a propaganda role.

After the identification, the guns held by Zhang are toy guns, not belonging to guns. After the police criticized and educated them, Zhang also felt very regretful that he should not be in downtown, so the knife Get a gun.

The reporter found through the search that the products similar to the simulation guns are very online, and their sales are not bad. .

People's Police: We also recommend that the public, when buying and playing this kind of toy gun, must pay attention not to be in public, and the second one should pay attention to the way of purchase, because many guns are online. The law on public security punishment is legally constituted as a standard for guns. If it is more than two, it may be suspected of breaking the law.