These high-speed driving considerations, learned to earn is!

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These high-speed driving considerations, learned to earn is!

2018-12-24 00:25:01 195 ℃

The year is close, I don’t know if you have noticed that the major accidents that have occurred on the expressway in recent days seem to be frequent. Bing brother first to give you a breakdown:

On November 2nd, Sichuan Yasi Expressway, K1981 in Yingjing County, Xichang to Chengdu, a single two-way traffic section, 9 cars collided Traffic accident.

On November 3, a major road traffic accident occurred at the Lanzhou South Toll Station in Lanhai, Gansu Province, killing 15 people and injuring 45 others.

At 21:40 on November 3, a traffic accident occurred in the Lufeng section of the Shenzhen-Shantou Expressway, resulting in 4 people. Four people were seriously injured and the remaining passengers were slightly injured.

At about 7:30 on the morning of November 19, a two-kilometer traffic stop at the Peugeot toll station of the Daguang Expressway, a tragic traffic accident occurred. A total of 28 large trucks collided with each other, causing 9 deaths. 9 people were hospitalized.

At 19:00 on December 8, there were 4 traffic accidents in the Yiyang section of the Erguang Expressway, and 4 traffic accidents occurred successively. Involving 22 vehicles, causing 5 deaths, 1 serious injury, 6 fractures and 11 minor injuries.

The accident that caused people’s pains and pains is warning us that the expressway is not an ordinary “highway”. In the event of a traffic accident, the chance of serious casualties is extremely high. It can be said that the frequent occurrence of highway traffic accidents has caused widespread concern. So when we drive on the highway, how can we avoid traffic accidents as much as possible?

1: Be prepared, check the vehicle in advance

The word "prepare" is believed not to Unfamiliar, in fact, for the high-speed, we want to avoid accidents as much as possible, we also need to be prepared. Before driving on the high speed, you must carefully check your own vehicles, such as tires, oil, brakes, lights, etc., and check them clearly, and pay attention to regular maintenance and regular inspections, so that you can take the lead in possible dangers. Excluded.

2: Don't speed on the highway

A lot of old drivers will always stand Driving at a speed limit of 10%, I think that as long as it does not exceed 10% speed, there will be no problem. I don’t know if it will not be punished, but it will still be recorded by the traffic police. It will not be so simple next time. Moreover, speeding is an extremely dangerous thing. Driving too fast is not only a great loss to the vehicle, but also a possibility of misjudging the braking distance. Therefore, be sure to observe the maximum speed limit when driving normally.

3: Remember to let the speed go.

What is "Let's let speed "Where?" It can be simply understood that when the vehicle is driving at a high speed, it must be decelerated in time when it encounters an emergency. Do not rush to change direction. Generally speaking, driving at high speed, the speed of the vehicle will not be too low. If an emergency suddenly hits the direction, it will not only cause more serious multi-party accidents, but also may cause rollover due to the out of control of the vehicle, which seriously threatens the inside of the vehicle. Life safety of personnel and other vehicle personnel. Therefore, in the event of an emergency, it should be decelerated in time, rather than easily changing lanes to the steering wheel.

4: Don't be too close to the car on the highway

I believe this We all have a deep understanding. As far as the car is concerned, when the car passes by, we will easily feel the huge vibration. Some female drivers or novices will even feel fear, which will lead to unnecessary accidents. In addition, large vehicles generally have a large blind area of ​​vision. If the distance is too close to the big car, the driver of the big car may not be able to find your vehicle in time. When changing lanes or accelerating and decelerating, it may cause a collision accident.

5: Correctly deal with brake failure

I have learned about Lanhai Expressway Gansu Lanzhou South Charge The friend of the station accident should be clear that the reason is that the driver Lee frequently takes the brakes, causing the vehicle brake to fail, resulting in an accident. Then, in a similar situation, we should first turn on the emergency light to remind the surrounding vehicles; then take the forced downshift to decelerate and step on the pedal to increase the braking force recovery. If there is a road sign indicating that there is a safe haven in front of the expressway, you must prepare for the drive in advance; if you are forced to do so, you can stop the vehicle as soon as possible by rubbing the obstacles on both sides of the road, such as mountains, railings, trees or buildings.

6: It must be slow to deal with extreme weather.

Going out, the weather can be said to be Moody, such as rain and snow, fog, etc. are very common. In these cases, the driving must be as slow as possible to avoid accidents caused by poor brakes or excessive speed. If you are experiencing heavy rain, you should leave the highway as soon as possible or enter the high-speed service area to rest. At the same time, you must turn on the fog lights and headlights of the vehicle. During the driving process, do not step on the brakes often, even if it is to slow down, because it is easy to slip on this kind of road, so we must try to control the speed.

I hope that the highway traffic accidents summarized by the soldiers will be able to attract enough attention from the drivers and friends. It is necessary to strictly abide by the traffic rules, and pay attention to the points mentioned by the soldiers, and avoid accidents on the highway as much as possible. I am really "being happy to go out and happily returning home."