A 5.8-magnitude earthquake occurred near Xietongmen County, Shigatse, Tibet

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A 5.8-magnitude earthquake occurred near Xietongmen County, Shigatse, Tibet

2018-12-24 10:25:03 198 ℃

At 3:32 in the morning, the China Seismological Network microblog released a news report that a magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred near Xietongmen County in Shigatse, Tibet.

Specifically, the China Seismological Network automatically measured at 3:32 am: at 03:32 on December 24, near Xietongmen County, Shigatse City, Tibet (29.95 degrees north latitude, 87.65 degrees east longitude) Earthquakes around 6.2.

But at 3:47, China Seismological Network revised the results of the test, indicating that at 03:32 on December 24, Xietongmen County, Shigatse, Tibet (30.32 degrees north latitude, 87.64 degrees east longitude) A magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred with a focal depth of 8 kilometers.

China Seismological Network said that the epicenter was 116 kilometers from Xietongmen County, 121 kilometers from Anren County, 123 kilometers from Shenzha County, 138 kilometers from Lahu County and 158 kilometers from Nanmulin County. It is 168 kilometers away from Shigatse City and 344 kilometers away from Lhasa City. The average elevation in the epicenter of 5 kilometers is about 5646 meters. The township within 20 kilometers around the earthquake has Mi Baqi Qin Township.

The netizens around the net said that the earthquake was obvious. Some netizens said: "The epicenter was located near the west side of the Xietongmen-Shenzha fault zone and is located in the alpine zone on the northern slope of the Gangdese Mountains. The earthquake is large, but the earthquake is large. Fortunately, in the small area near the epicenter, the high-altitude area above 5000m above sea level has a very low population density; while the densely populated areas around the area should not be devastating, but there is still a sense within a certain range of the epicenter. Peace."

After 4:05 am, the China Seismological Network determined that another 3.9-magnitude earthquake occurred near the site.