The 63-year-old man let his ex-wife serve, even the prostitute at home is not let go, why is the divorce so overbearing?

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The 63-year-old man let his ex-wife serve, even the prostitute at home is not let go, why is the divorce so overbearing?

2018-12-24 20:25:17 163 ℃

In society now, divorce is like a fallen leaf everywhere. Your marriage in this life may be the fate of several generations. If two people come together, they must love each other's tolerance. If it is Really can't get on the road of divorce, then don't bother another person's life, and leave a good impression on each other, but recently, the public Hu Aunt divorced her husband, but Hu Aunt said that her husband after divorce has been living in her house and harassing her.

Hu Aunt told reporters that the husband after divorce has been living in his own home and is unwilling to leave, not only to propose to himself In the same room, I often harass my niece, and if I don’t live with him, I will be beaten. Afterwards, the reporter found Hu’s ex-husband Hu Yilong to understand the situation.

Hu Yilong told reporters: They did divorce, and the same thing was initiated by the wife. Aunt Hu explained: The reason why I am with him is to protect my niece. Hu’s niece has a mental disorder, and Hu Yilong often attacks his niece and attacks.

In order to protect the safety of prostitutes, Hu Aunt insisted that Hu Yilong move out and Hu Yilong said that the house also has its own Half of it, and I have raised my wife for so many years. If I move out, I will sleep on the street. Hu Yilong also said that his wife’s private life is very chaotic. There are talents and divorce outside. She is the fifth husband she married. Because she was married to her ex-wife, now because of Aunt Hu, her three sons do not recognize him

< However, Hu Aunt said that there is no such thing. The two divorced because of family problems. After the reporter’s adjustment, Hu Yilong promised to give Hu Aunt 500 yuan a month, and Hu Aunt continued to take care of his living. And still can't harass Hu's aunt, although things have been solved temporarily, but it is not difficult to see that there will be constant contradictions in the future.

I have to say that this family relationship is very complicated. A slap is not sounding. People are watching in the sky. Now it’s nowhere to go back, so friends must now Cherish the other half of your own right, after the divorce and then combine the family, the contradiction will be more! What do you think about this matter?