It turns out that the black and evil forces "protective umbrella" actually have so many types~~

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It turns out that the black and evil forces "protective umbrella" actually have so many types~~

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With the gradual advancement of the special campaign to eliminate evil, the localities continue to increase The fight against the "protective umbrella" of the black and evil forces has also clarified the types of "protective umbrellas" of the evil forces. So, what is the "protective umbrella" of the evil forces? What types do they have? Can these "protective umbrellas" be eliminated?

Let’s talk about it today

< Strong> What is the "protective umbrella" of the evil forces?

Black and evil forces "protective umbrella" mainly refers to the use of power by national public officials to participate in black-related crimes, or to cover up and condone black and evil. Crimes, cases are not established, cases are not investigated, and cases are not investigated. Facilitating the crimes committed by the evil forces, helping the evil forces to evade punishment and other acts.

Can the black and evil "protective umbrella" be eliminated?

According to the requirements of the "two uniforms" of the central government, that is, in the case of black-related crimes, all the problems behind corruption should be dug; The net "protective umbrella" will be checked all the way and will not be tolerated.

What are the categories of "black umbrellas"?

Introduction of the clear types of sweeping offices: fifteen types of black and evil "protective umbrellas".

Funding Dividends

In the companies established by the evil forces, companies participate in dividends, partnerships, or collude with the evil forces of the evil forces to jointly commit crimes.

Indulgent Coverage

Using the convenience of the position, providing crime time and conditions for the evil forces, conniving and sheltering crimes.


Using his own power and convenience, criminals of underworld organizations can avoid public security judicial investigation, ban, accusation, prosecution, trial and suspicion, ventilate them, conceal, destroy, falsify evidence; prevent others from giving evidence and reporting Exposing and even instructing others to perjury; helping criminals of underworld organizations to escape; or obstructing or interfering with the bans of other state organs; and obstructing the investigation of criminals of underworld organizations by obstructing, delaying, or failing to perform duties, For its illegal gains.

Site support

For the black and evil forces to exclude dissidents, to seek benefits, to support the case, to violate the rules, to enforce the law, to violate the law.


Retaliation against whistle-blowers who are involved in black crimes.

Is not checked

There is no police, no case, no case, no evidence, no evidence, no arrest, no complaint, no change, no change, no change, no change .

7 ​​
Various Lettering

In the case of running a case, leaking a leak, leaking the case, or venting a letter to criminals of the evil forces to help them escape punishment.


Replacing the crimes involving black organizations with ordinary cases, attempting to exonerate the evil forces.

Fallen judgement

Filling facts, destroying evidence, falsifying materials such as self-sufficiency, not performing duties according to law, reviewing and verifying evidence, so that criminals involved in black-related crimes are missing, missing, missing or felony.

Tracking inability

Intentional or gross negligence leads to the indiscriminate crimes committed by the evil forces of the black and evil forces and the inability to recover the stolen goods.

compassing case

Dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty in the process of custody supervision, providing convenience or laissez-faire for the suspects or criminals involved in black criminals, collusion, and remote control.

Illegal eating style

In the process of educating and reforming criminals involved in black crimes, accepting the property of criminals and their families or accepting food, and giving violations of commendation and merits.

Violation of convictions

Reporting violations of the law and handling the commutation, parole, medical treatment, and supervision outside the criminals involved in the crime.

Helping people to say

In violation of the law, investigating the case, saying hello, and intervening in cases involving black and evil.

Blowing down

Other acts as "protective umbrellas" of black and evil forces, resulting in corrupt practices that are not effective against black-related crimes.