After the whale is dead, it is very dangerous. The body will explode on its own and watch the knowledge!

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After the whale is dead, it is very dangerous. The body will explode on its own and watch the knowledge!

2018-12-24 20:25:22 511 ℃

Speaking of fish that will be angry, the first thing we think of will be puffer fish! Once the puffer fish is threatened, it will expand the body into a ball, as if to explode! But in fact, the puffer fish will not explode. Someone once did experiments, using a fine needle to poke the puffer fish that swelled. The result is that it will seep from the stomach. It is therefore confirmed that the puffer fish will swell up because of swallowing water! But when it comes to animals that really explode in nature, you really don't know, Stark will take you to see it today!

This explosive animal is a whale. The feeling that whales give us is always kind and good! And the existence of whales is of great benefit to humans! Most of the oxygen in the ocean and 60% of the oxygen in the atmosphere are made from phytoplankton. The whale is the enemy of the elimination of phytoplankton. In addition, the presence of whales also helps to maintain the ecological balance of fish. The whale's food is a large mollusc that feeds on fish. So there are no whales in the world, and humanity is going to perish.

But why do whales explode? We all know that whales are often stranded on the coast on TV! And the size of the whale is huge, and it is not easy to pull it back into the sea, so many whales are stranded on the shore and die! In fact, the body of the whale after death is changing. The whale's food intake is amazing, they can eat 1 ton of food each time.

These large amounts of food will form large amounts of methane in the whale's body, as well as many other chemicals. Methane is a flammable and explosive substance, and when its internal organs and things in the stomach break down, the gas begins to accumulate. Moreover, after the whale dies, it will rot rapidly, and internal organs such as protein will decompose, which will generate more gas. When the rice exceeds a certain tolerance, the body of the whale will naturally explode. The explosive power of a large number of flammable and explosive gases is enough to make the body of a huge whale smashed. And that's why the body of a whale can explode.

Not only that, if the whale is not properly dismantled, it will also cause an explosion! There was also a group of scientists who saw the dead whales and wanted to solve the whale's body and bring it back to the study. However, because the whale's knife edge was too big, the air was removed once and it caused the explosion, and the organs in the body followed. It’s really scary when it’s blown out! Seeing this, you think that the whale will explode. It is not terrible. The most terrible thing is that when the whale explodes, there will be a lot of harmful bacteria, which will cause irreparable damage to the human body.