Grandma holds the baby to go to the supermarket, but one less one?

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Grandma holds the baby to go to the supermarket, but one less one?

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"Whose child is this?"

"It’s been a long time here, how can his parents not come?"

10:30 am, December 18 Around the door, a supermarket in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, a few enthusiastic citizens around the car anxiously discussed.

I saw a little boy in a shopping cart sitting in a yellow down jacket about 2 years old, crying constantly.

After receiving the alarm from the enthusiastic citizens, Xiao Hongwen’s police station Tong Hongwang immediately led the team to the scene.

According to the enthusiastic masses who first discovered the little boy on the scene, when he saw the little boy, he was sitting in the shopping cart. "Grandma" and "grandmother" shouted, and later there were more people on the side. The child may be afraid, and he begins to cry.

Enthusiastic people find that children are forgotten in the shopping cart

"Children are pitiful, will not Parents don't want him, and they haven't seen anyone for so long."

"You can't talk nonsense." On the side of the crowd, you said a word, I was worried. Everyone was worried.

"Don't cry, don't cry, uncle hugs, take you to Grandma."

Tong Hongwang and his colleagues took turns to pick up the children, screaming at him from time to time, and giving enthusiastic people The balloon teased him, and the little guy slowly calmed down in the arms of the police uncles.

Tong Hongwang and colleagues take balloons to make children happy

Tong Hongwang first guessed, will it be a child? Parents also shop in the supermarket, so they quickly contacted the supermarket staff to find the parents of the children through the radio.

Next, Tong Hongwang took the child to the supermarket monitoring room, ready to monitor the whereabouts of the child's parents.

At this time, a man who claimed to be the father of the child took the initiative to find it, and the little boy shouted a dad. It should be correct.

The child’s father came to

This family is from Henan, grandparents and two sons And 4 grandchildren live together. Usually parents are busy working, and most of the four children are looked after by grandparents.

The second old man also has his own work, and he has to bring so many children. He is a little confused. As a result, he was negligent at this morning and almost made a big mistake.

This morning, my grandparents brought three grandchildren to the supermarket to buy things.

The monitoring of the supermarket door shows that at about 10:12, the two old people are pushing a shopping cart, the 2-year-old grandson is sitting in the grandfather's shopping cart, and the other two are sitting in the grandmother. In the shopping cart.

The two old people put the things they bought on the battery car, maybe they rushed home, and when they finished the things, they took the two grandchildren and took the battery car. The result was that the little grandson was in the shopping cart.

Grandpa forgot his grandson in the shopping cart when he left

The battery car opened a long way, careless The grandfather discovered that the little grandson had disappeared and wanted to go back and look for it. As a result, the battery car broke down. He had to contact his son to go to the supermarket first, and he later went to the airport.

Grandfather and police explain the situation

Fortunately, there are enthusiastic people and police guards, children Nothing!

The police reminded everyone that at the end of the year, everyone has more opportunities to go out with their children. As guardians, they must be careful and careful to look after their young children in crowded places such as stations and supermarkets.

This makes people think of it

A similar news last year

April 10, 2017

At Guangzhou Baiyun Airport< /p>

A couple of parents have forgotten their children

or have forgotten on the plane

The two have boarded their own shuttle...

This scene

wakes up the memory of netizens sleeping:

One same Mom and Dad are the same grandparents!

@小哲子: It’s no exaggeration to say that I cleared my child on the plane and slept. It’s fragrant, and his father got off the plane.

@一一: The old aunt who was forgotten on the train when he was a child silently licked a sympathetic nose...

@blingbling old woman: I remember the second day followed I went to Jiangsu with my uncle, I had a room for them in one room, and I woke up at 11 o'clock the next day, only to find that they had gone! I forgot about me at the hotel, the two left... and then I finished the call, the two laughed and laughed, and came over in the afternoon to pick me up.

@TheMagicNa: My parents have forgotten me on the highway stop this year. I suspect that I am coming.

@LI丶 and other winds are waiting for you: I have to go out to play with my family, and I will drive out on the highway.

@ZZZZ周蓉: I went to the New Year that year, my parents and my aunt’s cousin, cousin’s cousin, and I forgot about it on the shuttle bus. I am also awake...

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Have you had a similarly poor experience?