Yang Jiahua: Sincerely help the people, sincerely solve the people's worries

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Yang Jiahua: Sincerely help the people, sincerely solve the people's worries

2018-12-24 20:25:26 245 ℃

Yang Jiahua, the 17th National People's Congress of Pingnan County, is the director of Fenglin Village. As a native of Fenglin, he knows what everyone needs and what he likes. He is like a few treasures in the village.

After being elected as a representative of the county, he knew that this was not just an honor. It is a heavy responsibility. He is also fully immersed in the affairs of the peasants, to understand the social conditions and public opinion, to drive the peasants to get rich, to actively provide employment and training for the surrounding people, and to make their own for the local economic and social development. contribution.

< p> He knows that it is very important to get rid of poverty and get rich. Based on the fact that Fenglin and other surrounding villages have been planting edible fungi, alpine vegetables and developing bamboo industry for many years, through various cooperation models for leading enterprises, professional cooperatives and farmers. And the exploration of the balance of interests, constantly sum up experience, improve the model, to the greatest extent possible to help the poor and poor households, to change the "blood-transfusion" poverty alleviation to "hematopoietic" poverty alleviation, so that poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

Pingnan County People's Congress Representative Yang Jiahua

Infrared Feng Village's unique resources

Into the mountain development

Cultivating oil tea, chestnut tea and other economic crops

We are mainly focusing on poor poverty alleviation households

also drive Fenglin Village and Luxia, Futang And other surrounding villages

Poverty-stricken households with more than 30 households and more than 100 people

Leading organizations to establish edible fungi cooperatives

Alpine vegetable cooperatives, bamboo cooperatives, etc.

has formed (formed) a certain size

< /figure>

▲Fenglin Village New Look

The masses have a call, the representative has something to do, in his Under the hard work, Fenglin Village is constantly changing, and the life of the villagers is getting better and better. Carry out the repair work of the village committee building and the village cinema to enrich the leisure life. The appearance of the village in Fenglin Village has been greatly improved, and the infrastructure of various people's livelihood has become more perfect.

Pingnan County People’s Congress Representative Yang Jiahua

took the lead in completing water reform and toilet change in the township

Phaming the shore of the river

Promoting the village road and river course

Building the book Xiangxiangyun Farmers Park

Let the rural environment be more beautiful

(对) Fenglin Village to Luxia Town Road widening and transformation

Greatly facilitates the production and life of the villagers

(current) Key projects Lingfeng Wind Power Project is also working Construction Construction

Yang Jiahua not only expresses his confidence in words, but he will also use his actions to speak for the masses in the future. Take the lead and with the enthusiasm of "serving the people wholeheartedly", and effectively assume the responsibility of the people's representatives.