Cloudy and rainy days in the next two days, traffic visibility is affected

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Cloudy and rainy days in the next two days, traffic visibility is affected

2018-12-25 00:25:07 354 ℃

China Weather Network Guangxi Station News Today, most of the sky in our district will be difficult to see the smile of the sun, the sky is gloomy and accompanied by light rain, returning to the South or will be online again, but to a lesser extent. From the 26th, the shear line and the cold air will go south to visit Guangxi. Guangxi will once again be involved in the rain. The rainy weather will become the protagonist. It will cause inconvenience to everyone's washing and traveling. It reminds everyone to prepare rain gears. Rainy weather also It will reduce traffic visibility and remind drivers who drive to travel to pay attention to safety and slow down.

Guangxi Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast:

Strong wind release warning and marine weather forecast

North Bay Sea: Today, cloudy with light rain , easterly wind 4 to 5; 26, cloudy with light rain, southeast wind 4 to 5 levels.

Hepu to the typhoon warning station around the coast of Dongxing, from now on, the strong wind signal typhoon No. 1 was lowered.

Land weather forecast

Today, Guilin, Liuzhou, Hechi, Hezhou, Laibin, Zhangzhou, Guigang, Yulin, Fangchenggang, Qinzhou and other cities have light rain, and other areas of our district are overcast. It is cloudy.

On the 26th, there was light rain on most of the cloudy days in the area, and there was moderate rain.

Forest fire risk meteorological level: Level 2 in the whole district, lower fire risk.

Nanning City: Today, cloudy to cloudy, with scattered light rain, southeast wind 1 to 2, minimum temperature 15 ° C, maximum temperature 20 ° C. (Editor: Huang Lina)