Rural ID card 80-99 years, 20-39-year-old villagers, when they have time, look at it, be strong and don't cry.

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Rural ID card 80-99 years, 20-39-year-old villagers, when they have time, look at it, be strong and don't cry.

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Rural ID card 80-99 years, 20-39-year-old villagers, when you have time, look at it, be strong and don't cry.

Hello everyone, here is more three farmers, share the rural fresh daily Things, more interesting and cold knowledge! Thank you for your attention! Time flies, the years go by, unconsciously, for the generation of our 80-year-old rural people, they are even 30 years old and not confusing, but for the birth of the 99th millennium, it is also the time of the cardamom! For the villagers born in the 80-99 ID card, how many people remember these scenes, if you have time, you may come in and see, be stronger, don't cry!

There are not many class students in childhood

I remember when I was, let I have a deep memory of two things, one is the New Year and the other is "Tuesday"! For the New Year, in the early 1990s, when the family was still very poor, our village here is popular in the New Year, "over the oil", that is, the meaning of "existence", indicating that year after year is better! At that time, due to limited family conditions, the number of "over-oil" is limited each year, usually when cooking vegetables, put a few! At the time, most of the houses were tile houses with beams, and the parents would always hang up the "oily dishes". At that time, when I felt the most, I could grow taller!

For the "Tuesday" memory, most of the black and white TVs at home every Tuesday There will be no Taiwan, parents will always say that it is people repairing equipment! However, after so many years, I still don't know why there was no signal every Tuesday!

Bold father, very worried, dangerous

In that era, many people in the village were mainly farming, with restrictions on agricultural and non-agricultural hukou. For farmers, at that time, people would raise a few pigs at home, as well as poultry such as chickens, ducks and geese. In the ages, there is no saying that "cultivating pigs does not make money, look back at the fields". Many villagers do not raise pigs for the purpose of selling whole money, but also for the crops in the fields to have soil fertilizer! However, many farmers today have encountered pollution problems, and can not help but feel that this is the inevitable development! At that time, no car did not have a bus, a bicycle carried a lot of people's memories!

In those days, for children, there was no network without a mobile phone, many children gathered Together, play games! However, in today's technology, technology is developed, but the children go out to play less! At that time, how much human body will come to watch the fun of watching movies together!

Rural ID card 80-99 years, 20-39 year old villagers, above Have you experienced these? May write down your life, thank you for reading, for those memories, do you remember those? Welcome everyone to write down your childhood memories in the message area!