A supermarket consisting of post-90s employees was born in Changsha and is redefining consumer trends.

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A supermarket consisting of post-90s employees was born in Changsha and is redefining consumer trends.

2018-12-25 00:25:08 364 ℃

With the approach of the 5G era, in order to upgrade the consumer experience, the four-generation shop of Buickao Supermarket, which advocates the trend of new life, came into being. On December 22, 2018, BBK's new image supermarket, the sand boat Ole Store, was grandly opened, with a theme scene + smart retail collection model, dedicated to providing young consumers with a better way of life experience.

The O'Brien Ship, located at the intersection of Jinxing Avenue and Lunadao Road, Wangcheng District, Changsha City, has a commercial area of ​​7,000 square meters, and has gathered 6,500 quality goods from all over the world, imported goods, Local specialty goods and net red goods account for over 60% of the total, satisfying the needs of young, middle and high-end groups and promoting an organic and healthy lifestyle.

The scene is younger--

12 large areas such as fresh markets and daily grocery stores, reconstructing the retail “net red” of consumer scenes

The project combines humanities, technology and environmental protection elements into the architectural connotation, creating a comfortable and vibrant modern living space. The internal moving line design adopts a combination of arc-shaped and circular moving lines to divide the commodities into 12 special zones such as fresh food, fresh market, daily groceries, and local specialty products, creating a fresh and fresh vision and high. The retreat space provides consumers with a one-stop shopping experience and creates a tasteful living space.

Wang Xiangjie, Senior Vice President of the Group and CEO of the Supermarket Division, said that the goal of the new step store style is to meet the quality needs of young people and create better shopping for consumers through smart retail and black technology display. Experience. Sand Boat Ole Store simplifies the shopping process by means of self-service cashier and digital store. The store's more than 40 display screens are combined into a “trace source platform”, which displays the origin, quality, discount and other products and promotional information of the products. Class and fine single product strategy, to meet the consumer demand of “one-stop shopping” for customers with high-quality goods and quality services; finally, online and offline linkage operation, Better purchase, Jingdong home, Mei Tuan, etc. Within the scope of delivery service, consumers can choose to enjoy online shopping for one hour delivery or store delivery, which greatly enriches customers' shopping choices.

It is reported that for the transformation of consumer demand, the supermarket from the store manager to the employees are all 90, through the sales model and innovation of marketing concepts, to create a new shopping experience for consumers.

Commodity rejuvenation-

Increase three squirrels, Dezhuang hot pot and other online red goods, personalized + high-quality product combination mode to cater to consumption upgrades

< p>Quality and rich food and personalized, high-quality nutritional health services are important aspects of the “good life” requirements. Focusing on customer needs, BBK upgrades 12 categories of imported snacks, red wine, milk and beauty, focusing on internationalization, youthfulness and organic health. In addition to the most complete milk, water and wine brands in Hunan, three new squirrels, Baiwei grass nuts, Dezhuang self-heating hot pot and other net red and differentiated products have been added to provide consumers with more diversified products.

There are also wines from the world's major wine regions and famous wineries, accounting for nearly 10%. For example, in 2013, Bordeaux completed a complete set of 61 listed wineries in 1855 and took off The world's most expensive wine, the laurel wine of the laurel. BBK selects commodities from the source, adopts a powerful logistics system and multi-dimensional cooperation, and adopts a global procurement strategy to present the best quality products to consumers in a timely manner.

Experience rejuvenation--

Set up a coffee function area, baby center, and adobe area to bring an immersive shopping innovation experience

Multiple living spaces are sand A special feature of the boat's Ole Store includes floral, coffee desserts, catering and other functions to bring consumers an immersive shopping innovation experience and create a new urban lifestyle. The Fresh Food Festival brings together a variety of dining options such as international cuisine, local cuisine, seafood, etc. Through the direct supply of the production area, on-site processing and other operating modes, the food is safer and fresher, and the customers are more assured.

According to consumers' diversified needs for health, BBK exerts strength in organic milk powder, goat milk powder and other rare milk types, introducing Bellamy organic milk powder, a2 baby milk powder, and love him. , Nuoyouneng, Meisu and other brands, to create the most complete "supply station" of Hunan's baby milk powder brand.

It is worth mentioning that there is a “soil” area in the fresh market, and citizens can also buy local special agricultural products and seasonal fruits in Hunan, including tea oil and fermented bean curd in Zhuzhou Chaling. Yueyang Weizhi Yuanyuwei, etc., is committed to becoming a farm product window showing Hunan's characteristics.

It is understood that the supermarket has prepared value-for-money rewards for shoppers during the opening period. The interaction of dolls, red code, red live, lottery and gift giving activities are endless, increasing shopping fun. It also realizes the mutual drainage between online and offline. This green consumption holy place, which is at the forefront of fashion, will surely become the leader of the new lifestyle.