Taiwan shopping malls use Christmas to carry out promotional activities.

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Taiwan shopping malls use Christmas to carry out promotional activities.

2018-12-26 00:25:24 232 ℃

Reference News Network reported on December 26 Foreign media said that although Christmas is a working day in Taiwan, the citizens still use the year-end promotion to buy gifts or call friends to see all over the place. Christmas lights vocal show around.

According to the Effie News Agency on December 24, there are celebrations in dozens of schools in Taiwan.

The staff of Fu Jen University said that in general, Christmas is made up of symbols on the island, such as Christmas hats and Christmas tree lights.

This year's Christmas Light Music Show in New Taipei City is spectacular. The "Silver Galaxy" and "Fantasy" light show attracted countless people to take a seat and watch it. It is also set near parks and subway stations. Other Christmas decorations, one of which is stunning with a three-dimensional circular screen and surround sound technology.

The report said that shopping malls, hotels and schools across Taiwan have also set up huge Christmas trees in front of the door, vying to create a festive atmosphere to attract tourists. A Taipei citizen said that Christmas malls have discounts and are a good opportunity to buy gifts.

The report said that for young people, Christmas is romantic and interesting. They can exchange gifts or gather with friends for the holidays. The restaurant is full of friends and friends in these days, and the business is booming. There are also schools that hold Christmas balls at Christmas, and some people find the other half here.

Someone is just Christmas, seeing it as an ordinary working day. As the students approach the final exam, they will work harder on Christmas.

There is also a Christmas market in Taiwan, where you can buy Christmas specialties. However, most Taiwanese regard Christmas as a day to watch light shows, dinners and parties. You can wear a Christmas hat and celebrate. (Compile / Wang Lu)