Binzhou, a citizen WeChat was stolen, but friends were cheated

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Binzhou, a citizen WeChat was stolen, but friends were cheated

2018-12-26 00:25:24 230 ℃

Qiluwang Binzhou December 26th News No one even saw it, just borrowed money from WeChat, and encountered such help, even if the other party is a leader, a classmate or even a friend. Be careful. Recently, a citizen of Binzhou encountered such a scam and was cheated by a fraudulent pretending WeChat friend for 800 yuan.

"Is there? It’s a bit of a job to find you." Recently, Ms. Mei, a citizen of Binzhou, received a WeChat message from a friend. . Seeing friends need their own help, Ms. Mei is busy asking the other party what is the difficulty. "I have a little trouble, just no cash on my body. Can you borrow me 800 yuan first?"

Ms. Mei thought that her friend was so anxious to borrow money from her, it was definitely difficult to spread. So immediately transferred to the other party through WeChat 800 yuan. After seeing the other party's payment, Ms. Mei asked with concern about the other party "What happened in the end, so that you are so anxious?" However, the other party has not responded. Ms. Mei felt that the other party should be busy doing things, and all of them did not reply to the information, so they did not care too much.

After a while, the other party still did not reply, Ms. Mei was relieved, so she sent a message. However, this time she found that she was blacked out by the other side! Ms. Mei felt that she was not quite right, and immediately called the friend's phone to ask about the matter. "No, I didn't borrow money from you at all." The friend on the phone was also confused.

"You can clearly see your avatar, there is nothing wrong." At this time, the friend opened his own WeChat and found that his own WeChat was stolen by others. The borrower was a "Li ghost". After figuring out the incident, Ms. Mei immediately reported the police to the Qingtian Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Binzhou High-tech Zone. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

Police reminder: When encountering relatives and friends asking for "borrowing money", you must remember to pay more attention to it. Be sure to verify the identity of the other party first, don't blindly believe in it, and don't verify it because of "sorry". After confirming the correctness, proceed with the transfer operation.