Mother's life can't take care of herself. Shouguang's "filial daughter" resolutely resigned and went home to take care of her.

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Mother's life can't take care of herself. Shouguang's "filial daughter" resolutely resigned and went home to take care of her.

2018-12-26 00:25:25 220 ℃

Qilu Weifang December 26th News 21-year-old is the most beautiful youth in life, but for Shao Changjuan of Shouguang Luocheng Street, the sudden family changes have made her innocent to chase Dreams, instead, made her mature a lot overnight. Looking at the mother who was tortured in bed, Shao Changjuan pretending to smile strongly, holding a towel to help her mother wipe the corner of her mouth a little.

Shao Changjuan quit his job and went home to take care of his mother.

Mother can't talk or can't move "filial daughter" resigns to go home all day.

The reporter learned that Shao Changjuan's mother is Dong Shaoying, 47 years old. . Although the age is not large, but the mother is "drug-ridden", life can not take care of themselves. In June of this year, Dong Shaoying was diagnosed with viral encephalitis, secondary epilepsy, not only can not get up and walk, but also rely on nasal feeding even for eating. Every day, feeding, turning over, scrubbing the body, serving the mother and urinating the stool became Shao Changjuan’s internal affairs. Shao Changjuan told reporters that her mother suffered from breast cancer as early as 2014. Her condition was controlled because of timely surgery. However, this is not a long time. This year, my mother was diagnosed with encephalitis. Not only could she say nothing, but even the normal activities of her limbs were affected. Today, the role of the mother and daughter has undergone a dramatic "reversal", Dong Shaoying is bedridden all day, like a baby, and Shao Changjuan gave his mother a sputum, and grew up a lot of night. The crows feed back and the lambs suckle. Seeing that the mother is inseparable from the care of people for 24 hours, and the elderly father himself can not afford this important task, Shao Changjuan stunned his heart. Today, she became a 24-hour escort for her mother. In order to take care of her mother, the Shouguang girl who has just started her career gave up her career and dreams. When it comes to this, she firmly said that she "does not regret." Because there is only one mother, if you lose it, you will never find it back, and there will be many job opportunities in the future. For the mother, she would rather give up more than just work.

The treatment fee gap is as high as 200,000 yuan and the family is struggling after losing the economic source

Although in order to help his mother recover, Shao Changjuan quit his job, but a more cruel reality was placed in front of her. Without work and income, how should the mother's treatment fee be paid? The reporter learned that at present, Shao Changjuan’s family has completely broken the economic source. In addition to the family's living expenses, Shao Changjuan has a sister who is going to school and needs to spend money. After the first two hospitalizations and surgery, this ordinary family has spent 200,000 yuan of treatment, but the mother's encephalitis has a longer follow-up treatment period. According to conservative estimates by the hospital, it is necessary to have a near future. 200,000 yuan in treatment costs. In the face of this astronomical figure, Shao Changjuan can be described as anxious.

In a discharge record of Dong Shaoying, the reporter saw a record of “discharge diagnosis: insufficient blood supply to the cerebral blood vessels, encephalitis, hypoxic encephalopathy, secondary epilepsy, lung infection...” . In order to alleviate the condition, Dong Shaoying can only take a large amount of medicine regularly, and this is not a small expense. In order to raise money for the mother, the family has already tried their best. At present, no one can borrow money.

Shao Changjuan's father and mother

There is a mother who has a family. Although Dong Shaoying is already lying in bed, he is self-sufficient, but in Shao Changjuan's heart, the mother has always been the one who loves her silently. At present, the 21st-year-old woman who resigned to go home to filial piety has the greatest wish to hope that her mother can fully recover and let her mother love return to her side again, helping the life of a family of four to return to normal trajectory. Whenever the night is quiet, Shao Changjuan will repeatedly read a poem he wrote to his mother:

Dear Mom,

I know, you can hear me.

My father and sister are looking forward to getting better soon

Since you are sick

We don’t have laughter at home

Grandpay Old age

Worry for you every day

Daddy takes care of you every day

It turns out he doesn’t have a few white hair

This is only half a year There are a lot more.

Mom, we won’t give up on you

Please don’t give up

I believe that you will be fine

< p> Give me and my sister a good filial opportunity

——Your daughter Juanjuan