A man from southern Fujian was "disappeared" after working outside for 16 years and was found in Xinjiang! Family is ecstatic...|909 City

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A man from southern Fujian was "disappeared" after working outside for 16 years and was found in Xinjiang! Family is ecstatic...|909 City

2018-12-26 00:25:28 244 ℃

Korla, Xinjiang, December 20

The South African man who was "disappeared" for 16 years was rescued by the police

< Strong>The family has been contacted

Recently, the patrol police of the Kupu Road Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of the Korla City of Xinjiang helped a Shaanxi man who has been in Xinjiang for 16 years to find his family. .

At 11 o'clock on December 20, a man turned to the Kupu Road Public Security Checkpoint for help, saying that he did not find a job, and now he is hungry and thirsty. The patrolman asked the man for details of the water and food.

Checkpoint patrolman brought food and water to Liu Yayuan.

It is understood that the man named Liu Yayuan, a native of Huaxian County, Shaanxi Province, came to work in Xinjiang in 2002 and worked as a part-time worker in several counties and cities in Bazhou. Since he did not earn money, Liu Yayuan felt that he had no face to go home, and he had been working in Bazhou, and he slowly broke contact with his family.

When leaving home, Liu Yayuan was still carrying a generation of ID cards. Although the ID card was soon suspended, it could still prove identity, and Liu Yayuan later lost his own ID card. Without an ID card, it is not convenient to go anywhere, and no one wants to work.

On the same day, Liu Yayuan, who was penniless, was hungry and thirsty, and had to ask the patrolman at the checkpoint for help.

After listening to Liu Yayuan’s remarks, the patrolman reported the situation to Cheng Guanjie, the station manager of the checkpoint. Cheng’s webmaster began to contact Liu Yayuan to find his family.

Because there is no ID card, the database can not find any information. According to the information provided by Liu Yayuan, the stationmaster has been in contact with the public security organs of Weinan County, Shaanxi Province. The local police station said that Liu Yayuan’s account had been cancelled, but the police station’s household registration police helped Liu Yayuan find a phone call from his family.

When Liu Yayuan connected the family’s phone, there was a ecstatic voice from his loved one.

According to the family, Liu Yayuan "disappeared" for 16 years, and his family thought that he was no longer alive and his account was cancelled. Liu Yayuan’s father had been chanting his name before his death. The mother in her 70s had been expecting her son to go home. When she heard the good news from the police station that Liu Yayuan was still alive, her mother almost fainted. After Liu Yayuan’s two sisters and his phone, they immediately booked the train ticket to Korla the next day.

At present, the webmaster has contacted the Bazhou rescue station. Through coordination and docking, Liu Yayuan will temporarily stay at the rescue station and wait for his relatives to pick him up. When leaving the rescue station, Liu Yayuan took the hand of the stationmaster and kept acknowledging.

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