The 14-year-old girl missed her mother after 6 years of missing. She has given birth to 3 children with a father and son.

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The 14-year-old girl missed her mother after 6 years of missing. She has given birth to 3 children with a father and son.

2018-12-26 00:25:30 193 ℃

At about 2 pm on January 24, 2018, Wang Fang (a pseudonym) was posting a leaflet at the entrance of an old community in Zhumadian City. A girl of 16 or 17 years old looked at her and laughed. Wang Fang looked back. At a glance, I continued to post flyers. Suddenly she turned back and grabbed the girl's arm and called "Li Li". Wang Fang repeatedly asked the girl if she knew herself. The other party shook her head and struggled to leave. Wang Fang was anxious, grabbed the girl's collar and pushed her to the corner. She opened her hair and let the girl look at her face carefully. The girl looked at the woman in front of her. For a long time, the girl shouted "Mom," Wang Fang took her daughter in her arms.

The girl is called Lili (a pseudonym). Her father was not known after her birth. After that, Wang Fang sent her second daughter back to her hometown to take care of the elderly. Lili followed Wang Fang to live in Zhumadian City. In 2011, Wang Fang was sentenced to imprisonment. In that year, Lili was 13 years old. She left school to work in a clothing store before she graduated. According to Lili's brother Wang Dong (pseudonym), I don't know when Li Li indulged in the Internet, often in Internet cafes, and the work was intermittent. If there is no money, I will follow my own points. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon of April 2012, Lili asked Wang Dong for money. The two brothers and sisters quarreled. Wang Dong beat his sister and Li Li cried and ran away. His whereabouts are unknown. Wang Dong did not report the incident when his sister disappeared. He did not tell the mother in prison. When he went to visit the prison, he lied to his mother and said that his sister went to work in the south.

In July 2016, Wang Fang was released from the Henan Xinxiang Women’s Prison. After she learned that Lili was missing, she immediately rushed back to Zhumadian. Call the police. At this time, Lili has been missing for 4 years, and her residence has been demolished. The police did not find any clues. However, Lili did not apply for an ID card when she disappeared. It is estimated that she could not go too far and should still be in Zhumadian. So Wang Fang traveled all over the city's streets and lanes, and also specifically found a job to promote liquor, I hope to find a daughter in the process of walking the streets. Hard work pays off, finally met her daughter on the afternoon of January 24, 2018.

Lily is 20 years old when her mother and daughter reunite, but the appearance does not change much. It looks like sixteen, but it is worn out, not much stronger than the flower. . When Wang Fang took her daughter home, Lili was reluctant to call her child. Wang Fang, who vaguely felt that the situation was not good, immediately called the police. The police came with her mother and daughter to reunite the family on the top floor (6 floors) of a residential building in the community. There is a pair of one-year-old dragons and babies at home. They are Lili's children. Later, at the police station, Wang Fang saw another four-and-five-year-old boy, who is also a child of Lili. This situation Wang Fang is really difficult to accept, had to take Lili to take home and then make plans. However, Wang Fang gradually found that her daughter's mental condition was not normal, and she could not talk to people in depth. The hospital was diagnosed as schizophrenic. What happened to Lili in the past few years?

After a period of treatment, Lili's condition improved, and she could communicate with people. Wang Fang gradually learned some information from her daughter's mouth. After quarreling with her brother, Lili met an old man named Zheng (now in her 60s). He took Lili home with a tricycle. It was the one where the former Lili took her mother and the police. After that, Lili was Locked in the Zheng family to his son to do "the wife of the village." Lili tried to escape, but she was always beaten by the Zheng family. They also used the bench to marry her. After trying several times, Lili would not dare to run away. Until the twins were born, Lili could be transferred in the community.

For this reason, Wang Fang went to the police station several times and asked for a criminal case against Zheng. However, under the mediation of the police, Zheng Laohan issued a letter of guarantee in July 2018 to ensure that Lili and his son are treated equally, without abuse or beating. Zheng Laohan promised that Lili and his son would not live with the old couple after marriage. In the case of three children, Wang Fang reluctantly agreed to marry her daughter to Zheng.

However, one day Lili said that Zheng Laohan had taken off his clothes. Lenovo’s eldest son and Zheng Laohan are very similar. Wang Fang once again came to the police station and asked for the paternity test for the biggest boy. The result came out in November this year, the boy is the son of Zheng Laohan! Lili told her mother that Zheng Laohan took off his clothes when he was brought back to Zhengjia. Zheng Laohan’s wife was next to him. Later, Lili and Zheng Laohan’s son slept together, sometimes sleeping with Zheng Laohan, and even three people sleeping together!

On November 21 this year, the Xuesong branch of Zhumadian City filed a criminal case against Zheng Laohan, and Zheng Laohan was detained on the same day. On December 6, the Zhuodian City Yucheng Procuratorate approved the arrest of Zheng Laohan for rape. The police also made paternity tests on twins in December, and informed Wang Fang on December 21 that the two children had a parent-child relationship with Zheng Laohan. In this case, why is Zheng Laohan’s son not charged with rape? If Zheng Laohan’s son is also held accountable, it may be up to Lili and Wang Fang to raise three children, which is a heavy burden for them.

For the rape of Zheng Laohan, his family insisted that “there is no such thing” and claimed that the police paternity test report was fraudulent. Very speechless, and even more absolute. "If we didn't take her in the first place, the child died outside and helped them raise these years, and now they will tell us."