Farmers go out to work, drink and slap on the train, three fire seats

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Farmers go out to work, drink and slap on the train, three fire seats

2018-12-26 10:25:31 459 ℃

Everyone may often hear drinking mistakes. Drinking is really easy. First of all, you can't drive after drinking. If you drive, you will be illegal. Drinking and drinking can be good, but the cup will hurt. Recently, a man Drinking on the train, actually set fire on the train after drinking, and finally was arrested for breaking the law.

In the early morning of December 21, in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, a man who worked at home for farming, because of conflicts with his family, So I went out to work, because of my bad mood, I drank alcohol on the train. I felt very bored when I was drinking. I also invited the passengers next to me to drink together. The male passenger refused his good intentions. Later, the man suddenly got into trouble and said his wallet. Missing, the mood was stolen by the male passenger next to the man. The male passenger denied that he was stealing the wallet. He didn't want to get into trouble, so he left and went to another car.

Unexpectedly, the man suddenly took out the lighter and started to burn the seat. At that time, there was smoke in the compartment, and other passengers shouted. The flight attendants came to the fire, the fire was extinguished, the man did not give up, and picked up the lighter to order other seats. He used the lighter three times in one minute, and did not click twice. The last man was suspected of arson. Taking criminal coercive measures, the man said that after drunk, he thought that the money was stolen by his neighbor, and he was ignited for venting his anger. In fact, his wallet is still in his pocket.

The man is arson after drinking, but he breaks the law, and will regret his behavior after waking up, and others Drinking and vomiting caused the fire to happen. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, otherwise it would be a tragedy!

The incident occurred in a residential building in the old village of Yukeng, Fucheng Street, Longhua New District. Jiang and his colleagues returned with the wine and spit the vomit on the sputum, causing electric fire and igniting the pillow at the bedside. It eventually led to a fire.

Because Jiang had drunk too much, he did not take fire-fighting measures in time after the fire. He was still on the ground when he was discovered. He was diagnosed with alcoholism and smoke poisoning by doctor. After being rescued by a doctor, I came back with a little life!

It is estimated that this will be Jiang’s thought of how to stop drinking! This drunk almost killed his life. It was a big fate. I squeezed him for him. Look at this picture, I think he is also working outside, his loved ones are not around, he lives alone, or else he will not catch fire, no one found it in time.

It’s not easy to work outside, sometimes it’s normal to go out and chat with colleagues, but it’s normal to drink and drink, but I think it’s just moderate. If you can’t drink, you don’t have to swollen your face to fill your fat body. It also affects your health. There is no need at all, the body is your own, you must know how to love yourself.

If Ginger is unfortunately burned because of this incident, then it is really miserable, think about it. It is not easy to work outside to earn money to support the family. It is burned to death by the fire, then the family will be very sad.

In the end, Lee was sentenced to 10 days of detention for causing a fire caused by negligence! Although wine can solve thousands of problems, it can also make you more and more guilty. Jiang now not only has to stay in the detention center for ten days, but also has to work for ten days. Renting a house is also burned like that, so it is worth the loss. .

If you have a mishap, you can do it properly, don’t be greedy, do what you want, what do you think?