Shenyang City promotes high quality home care

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Shenyang City promotes high quality home care

2018-12-26 20:25:03 155 ℃

[Hong Kong Commercial Daily News] Trainee reporter Jiang Yan reported: On the 26th, the reporter learned from the Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office that Shenyang is making efforts to promote the high-quality development of home-based care services.

Shenyang City has always attached great importance to the construction of community home care services. In recent years, the construction of the community has been relatively large. At present, the construction of community home care services has begun to take shape and has begun to take shape.

Shenyang City entered the aging society from in 1989, ahead of China 10 years. Up to now, Shenyang city elderly population reached 1.832 million, accounting for 24.8% of the total population of Shenyang city, high It is 7 percentage points higher than the national level and 2 percentage points higher than Liaoning. It is estimated that by 2027, the total number of elderly people in Shenyang will increase to about 3 million. At the same time, the process of aging, empty nesting and disability has been further accelerated.

From the perspective of economic development, ShenyangThe aging population of the city is ahead of industrialization and modernization, with obvious Rich and old, and "not ready for the old". ShenyangThe proportion of industrial workers in the elderly population is relatively high, and the income level is low.ShenyangThe per capita retirement pension is only > 2479 yuan.

Face to face the situationStrive to build "Home-based, community-based, institutional-based, medical and nursing" pension service system Although has achieved certain results, it also faces many serious challenges.

"Shenyang City Home Care Service System Construction Implementation Plan (2018-2020)", for the first time, rigidly constrained the requirements for the construction of home care service facilities: Font>In accordance with the new standard of 100 square meters per 100 residential buildings in the newly-built residential area and the construction area of ​​every 100 households in the completed residential area is not less than 25 square meters, the construction of community home care services will be comprehensively strengthened. Next year, we plan to add 100 regional home care service centers and 300 community care service stations. At the same time, drawing on the advanced practices of Beijing and Nanjing, the real estate vacated by the reform of the institutions and institutions will be used preferentially for the construction of community home care services.

At the same time, focuses on building a multi-level home care service system. At the street level, vigorously promote the construction of regional home care service centers, each of which covers the surrounding areas. 1-2 community seniors, mainly providing life care, short-term care, medical assistance, food support, and bathing , help cleaning, helping, care visit, life companionship, psychological counseling and emergency rescue services; at the community level, building community pension service stations, mainly providing services such as culture, sports, entertainment, leisure, health, and old age education, to create 15 minutes home care service circle. By the end of this year, the regional home care service center that is expected to be put into operation in Shenyang has reached 60 and 300 community old-age service stations.

From 2019, Shenyang City-based profit-seeking institutions and non-profit pension institutions enjoy the same subsidy policy, as long as it is the market entity Enjoy the benefits and encourage more social forces to enter the field of aged care services. Increase the subsidy standards for the construction of community home care services, and increase operating subsidies and chain subsidies.

The subsidy for the construction of the regional home care service center will be adjusted to 50%-80% of the total renovation and equipment purchase fee. Subsidies, the maximum subsidy is 600,000-100,000 yuan; the subsidy for the construction of community old-age service stations is adjusted to 100,000-300,000 yuan for each 100,000 yuan. This At the same time, according to the star rating results, the regional home care service center will be given annual operating subsidies ranging from 50,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. In 2018, the disposable lottery public welfare fund used for pensions accounted for 54.8% of the public welfare expenditure. In 2019, it plans to further increase the proportion of Welfare Public Welfare Fund for old-age services, with an estimated budget of 32 million yuan.

In 2019, ShenyangCivil Affairs Bureau will further strengthen the platform construction and earnestly work hard on supervision. Integrate and upgrade the existing pension service information management system, and use the 12349 national pension service hotline to start the construction of the Shenyang city pension service information management platform, and further improve Quality of service and level.